It is no secret that many people did not take to the drastic design changes brought on by Windows 8. We personally think those people were overreacting to some cosmetic difference. Nevertheless, combined with a few issues here and there, it created a negative vibe around the OS. Microsoft's solution is rumored to be letting the OS go the way of Vista and just replacing it with Windows 9.

On the surface, this all seems like a simple marketing move. Rebrand the OS with a new name, turn the cosmetic changes into options, and everything will work out better; however, there are some changes that may not be so well-received. Windows 9 may be locked to your Microsoft Store account and this may be required to use the OS. This is to replace the current CD key method of piracy prevention. We are not concerned about the security, but this implies the Internet will be a requirement.

The main reason this has not been done in the past is due to broader issues related to the "always connected" model. Is it a 100% requirement? Can I use my PC, tablet, or whatever other device while not connected to the Internet? If so, will that access be limited? What kind of information is being verified in the background about me or my PC? Does it include personal information? How often does it need to "check in" to keep my PC active?

Keep in mind these are not confirmed by Microsoft and may never occur. At this point we can only wait and see what will happen with Windows 9 and if it is coming as soon as this year.


  • rayebersole

    They are probably going to use the model of the Surface, which is to try to force you into creating a Microsoft account when you can skip that and use a Local account if you know how. It's more a push, and hide the option we don't want you to use. Kind of like the monopoly issues they had with IE.

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