Something is going on over at Crytek. The company responsible for the PC-crushing Crysis franchise, as well as Ryse and Homefront: The Revolution, appear to be having some financial difficulties, though they are still denying it.

According to reports from Kotaku, the UK office for Crytek has just had the bulk of their employees walk out after not having seen another batch of paycheques arrive on time and in full. According to the report, “around 100” Crytek UK staffers “handed in formal grievance letters and went home” on Wednesday. These folks were involved in the development of the aforementioned Homefront: The Revolution, a title whose future now lies in limbo.

To add insult to injury, Crytek still hasn’t paid many of its employees what they are owed, including those that have left the UK studio. Rumour has it that Crytek and Deep Silver – the current Homefront publisher – are in negotiations to figure out what their next move is. Many within Crytek are hoping that the studio will be purchased by Deep Silver, and that they will continue funding development of Homefront: The Revolution, paycheques and all.

As it stands, Crytek UK is in limbo, with no official word from representatives of either Crytek or Deep Silver outlining exactly what their future holds.

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