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Storage On The Outside


The front flap on the Classified 250 AW is secured by two stealth clips that are hidden underneath the flap. This makes it much more difficult for someone to do an unclip and grab of your gear. It also reveals some extra storage for your stuff.


Underneath the flap you’ll find two main pockets that are secured by velcro flaps. The pocket on the left is lined with fleece and is great for things like your digital photo banks, touchscreen phones and MP3 players. The one on the right ditches the fleece for pockets for organization. There are pockets for pens and other things that you need on the go.


Behind both of the main front pockets is one single larger pocket for even more of your stuff. There are two keychain hooks in this compartment and one of them is attached to a memory wallet that is included with the bag and holds up to six compact flash cards. It’s detachable just in case you want to put it somewhere other than where Lowepro put it.


Behind the pockets is a zipper that doesn’t open up a new compartment. Instead, it expands the main equipment pocket, giving you quite a bit more space for multiple pro-DSLR bodies or big lenses. We’ll be looking at the equipment area very shortly.


Moving to the back of the bag, we see another compartment which is extremely handy for stowing your reading materials and is also zippered in case you’re transporting sensitive files. The black mesh takes a bit of the heat off your body and wicks away moisture easily and also doubles as a slot for the handle of your rolling suitcase. Beneath this is a velcro compartment that stores Lowepro’s patented “All Weather” cover.

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