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I don’t like wires. I don’t like cables. As a technology and gadget geek, I’ve come to accept some of the tangle as a necessary evil but this is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Continuing with the cable-cutting procedure is the Iogear GUWAVKIT Wireless Audio/Video Kit.┬áSay goodbye to that ugly cable clutter and enjoy the full computer experience from the comfort of your living room couch. Can you imagine surfing the web on a 55-inch Samsung HDTV? I sure can!

What Does the Iogear GUWAVKIT Do?

In a nutshell, this wireless audio/video kit allows you to connect your computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, to your TV “without the long and unattractive cable run.” Most modern HDTVs have PC input, but running that VGA or DVI cable can be a pain.

This Iogear kit takes advantage of the relatively recent wireless USB (ultra wideband UWB technology) standard, as well as the DisplayLink technology that allows your USB port to effectively take on the role of an external graphics card. This is the same tech behind the USB-to-DVI Graphic Adapter and Nanovision Mimo USB monitor, among other gadgets.

Since UWB technology uses different bands that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you should have minimal interference when using this kit. Further still, the Iogear GUWAVKIT supports up to 720p video streaming and resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200 or 1680 x 1050.

Looking inside the Box

Opening up the box to the Iogear Wireless Audio Video Kit can be a little overwhelming. From the front of the packaging, you only see the three main components. Looking inside, however, you get bombarded with cables and adapters up the wazoo.

The three main components are the wireless USB transmitter, the wireless audio receiver, and the wireless video receiver. I’ll discuss each of these in greater detail in just a moment. It should be noted that the maximum range is about 30 feet, assuming you have perfect line of sight.

Aside from the three main pieces, you get the power adapters for the two receivers, a VGA cable, a stereo mini plug cable, a stereo mini to RCA Y-split cable, a VGA-to-DVI adapter, a USB extension cable, a 3M Velcro-style sticky pad, user manual, and the installation CD. This really is everything that you use this kit.

It Starts with the Wireless USB Transmitter

The first part of the equation starts at your computer. It is there that you will connect the wireless USB transmitter. This looks a lot like a USB Wi-Fi adapter, since it has that adjustable antenna sticking out the end. That antenna can be unscrewed and bent between 0 and 90 degrees as needed.

There are two indication lights on the main unit for link and for power. The adapter is about the same size as a standard USB flash drive and the design is simple and straightforward. If you need better line of sight, you can use the included USB extension cable.

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