Since slim is the new big, Aerocool looks to set themselves apart by going for a slightly different demographic. We all build computers for family, friends, and colleagues who may not share our passion for DIY awesomeness. The new Aerocool QS-101 and QS-102 will let you get some style into their basic desktop without breaking the budget or taking up their entire desk.

The Aerocool QS-101 and QS-102 are slim desktops that can be stood upright or laid on their sides to best fit your needs. They have room for a single ODD, SFX power supply, three color choices (white, red, or black), and room for a Micro-ATX motherboard. While limited to only one 3.5″ drive bay, you can also convert the ODD bay into an additional 3.5″ bay or mount two 2.5″ drives. We all know this kind of adaptability is key to SFF cases.

The Aerocool QS-101 and QS-102 are priced right, starting from $34.58 (25.00 EUR), putting them in a great spot for a low-cost HTPC or basic desktop. And if you don’t do basic desktops, you’re only a Dremel tool away from modding your PS4 or X-Box One to fit with these cases. Clearly recommended at your own risk, but all the pieces seem to fit for us. You can find these cases available as of today with more details below.

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Aerocool announces slim Desktop PC chassis QS-101 and QS-102

04-16-2014 – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, presents two new members of the PGS-Q chassis series. Unlike the other PGS-Q models, both the QS-101 and QS-102 are slim desktop PC cases, which can be used for modern office computers or compact home theatre PCs (HTPC). Depending on the individual taste and environment, both chassis can be placed either horizontal or vertical, thanks to the supplied stand.

Aerocool is known for offering its chassis in many colors. This applies for the QS-101 and QS-102 as well, as users have the choice between a classic Black Edition, a fresh Red Edition and even a White Edition. Although it might seem, that such a small desktop chassis would come with big limitation, the opposite is the case! Users are given much free room for choosing the right components for their system, as both Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards are supported. The chassis with 100 x 300 x 415 millimeter dimensions offer space for CPU Coolers with a maximum height of 8 centimeters. Furthermore, up to four Low-Profile expansion cards with a maximum length of 24 centimeters can be installed.

Many options are offered when choosing the optical and hard disk drives. The 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) bay can be either used for mounting a common ODD (such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player) or one 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) HDD and two 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) SSD. Another 3.5 inch HDD can be installed into the dedicated mounting area. Furthermore, easy cable management is possible thanks to the pre-drilled cable routing holes.

Aerocool Engineers have designed the inside of the QS-101 and QS-102 with a special focus on cooling optimization. This is why the SFX Power Supply Unit is mounted in the front of the chassis, where the fan-grill of the PSU is facing towards the side-panel with the dedicated fan-exhaust-holes. A special cable is guided through from the back to the front to assure safe connection of the PSU. To support constant airflow inside the chassis, both the QS-101 and QS-102 are equipped with a silent pre-installed 80 mm axial-fan (1.600 RPM, 28.40 CFM, 21.6 dBA).

Another highlight of the two new models is the nicely designed front panel, where users are able to access the 5.25 inch bay and the I/O Panel. Depending on the model, one power button, one Mic, one Audio and one USB 3.0 connector are located in the front. In case of the QS-101, one additional USB 3.0 port is implemented.

The Aerocool QS-101 and QS-102 are available from etailers and retailers as of today. Suggested retail price starts from $34.58 (25.00 EUR).


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