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7. Don’t Scratch My Precious Laptop

Yes, I did say that I prefer it if manufacturers used aluminum to build their notebook stands, but this can sometimes present an issue. While my hardy Dell has seen its fair share of wear and tear, I can see how owners of shiny MacBooks and the like may not be so lucky. In this way, it is positively paramount that the notebook cooler be designed with softer finishes and rounded edges. This is to protect the laptop from unfortunate damage in the way of scratches, scuffs, and gouges. The sharp edges of some coolers go completely against this line of thought.

The best solution is to use aluminum for the construction, but to use rubber (or something similar) to line the parts that actually make contact with the laptop. The VIZO cooler above doesn’t have anything keeping it from scratching your notebook and that’s a hardcore no-no.

8. Extra Features Set You Apart

Innovation is nice. It’s great when a company takes a simple concept and executes it well, but it’s so much more exciting if they bring something completely novel to the table. This is especially true if the innovation is useful to boot. I wasn’t particularly pleased with its lack of adjustability and its cheaper build quality, but the Choiix Air-Through Stash did something that I had not seen anywhere else: it’s a laptop stand with a built-in hard drive dock. That’s pretty neat.

It’s hard to say what the next big innovation will be in the notebook cooling stand market, but I’d say that the perfect notebook cooler will add something new to the equation.

A Designer’s Work Is Never Done

I’m not a product designer nor am I an engineer, but I have had some good experience with a variety of notebook coolers. In the early years, many companies assumed that a simple “prop” with a small fan was good enough, but that’s not really the case anymore. Consumers may not be quite as discerning with their notebook cooling stands as they are with their smartphones and laptops, but that’s no excuse for releasing an inferior product. I sincerely hope that the future of notebook cooler creation implements some of my suggestions. I will be satisfied!

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