Just when you thought that having a chance to win a GIGABYTE G1.Sniper M3 motherboard for filling out a survey about LANcouver 2012, or getting Free BETA Keys to End of Nations courtesy of us and NVIDIA was cool, we go ahead and pull out yet another way for you to get a hold of awesome free stuff just because we love you guys so much! Today, Futurelooks and GIGABYTE have teamed up with  MEGATechNews and eSports Collective Network to give away another fantastic prize to our readers, viewers, and subscribers and that prize is the G1.Killer Assassin 2 X79 E-ATX Gaming Motherboard!

About the GIGABYTE G1.Killer Assassin 2 Gaming Motherboard

Reviewed recently by our Senior Hardware Editor, Eric Garay, this board picked up a Futurelooks Recommended Award for being extremely gamer worthy with features such as enhanced audio with the Creative X-Fi solution onboard, enhanced networking for low latency gaming thanks to the Killer E2100 NIC onboard, and support for triple SLI and CrossFire for "mind blasting" graphics performance. Eric takes us through the G1.Assassin2 in the video below...

Put that together with INTEL's top of the line X79 chipset supporting LGA2011 socketed CPUs, and you've got one massive gaming advantage. More information about the prize can be found on GIGABYTE's Product Page.

We'd like to thank GIGABYTE for providing this amazing prize to us to give away to Futurelooks, MEGATechNews and eSports Collective Network's awesome readers and viewers.

How Do I Enter To Win This Gaming Awesomeness?

To enter this contest, all you need to do is complete as many of the tasks as possible on the list below. This gains you valuable entries into the contest. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win! In fact, some of the tasks (like the Tweeting and Sharing of this contest) can be repeated daily for additional chances to win, all the way up till contest close.

Bonus Entry - Help promote LAN gaming in Western Canada by following and liking LANcouver for additional chances to win. Those tasks are also listed below.

It's really up to you how nuts you want to go to win this amazing G1.Killer Assassin2 motherboard valued at $399 US.

The Fine Print

This contest is open to all residents of the United States and Canada. If you're not a resident of the United States or Canada and still wish to participate, the prize can be shipped to any US or Canadian address of your choice. Since this prize ships from Canada, this prize may be subject to brokerage and duty charges as it crosses the US border. The prize must be accepted as award and there are no substitutions. Canadians may be subject to a skill testing question because that's what Canadians have to do.

This contest begins today and will run until August 24th, 2012 at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced on August 27th, 2012 right here on this page (UPDATE: Please see our latest Facebook Update about the contest. Long story short, we'll need a bit more time due to the overwhelming amount of entries. Should be no later than Wednesday. Good luck all!)

There are more pictures to drool on below. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulation to our WINNER! We ambushed him at PAX Prime 2012 this year and drew a bit of a crowd. I'm sure Jason Landals is enjoying his new board as we speak, or pondering, how he's going to afford that new Core i7 CPU for his new rig. Enjoy the video!

  • Tris21

    Awesome, good luck everyone

  • no question about it, I'm drooling!

  • Entered! Woohoo!

  • Entered!Good luck to all!

  • Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  • Awesome mainboard ! Thank you so much for the chance and best of luck to everyone.

  • Eric Garay

    Sweet contest! Thank you GIGABYTE as always for your support. Good luck to everyone who has entered. You'll really like the Assassin 2's clean and simple operations. The X-Fi audio makes games that much nicer as well.

  • orbit1990

    thanks Gigabyte. no doubt that you're the best motherboard manufacturer in the market. eyeing especially the needs of the gamers. Entered btw. thanks

  • Entered! Woohoo!

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • zjakk

    Woohoo :).

  • entered! thanks Gigabyte you are awesome!

  • seems legit! 🙂
    would be I big upgrade for me if I win this badass motherboard!!!

    • You better believe it's legit! That board in those pictures is the actual board! 🙂

      • it will be more legit if I get my hands on 1 of these badass motherboard ;D !

      • Been Entering daily for over a month, missed only 1 day coz of unavailable net connection 🙁 ... Hope I win it and the effort was worth it ! ^_^

  • WOOOOOOOO GigaByte you are the BEST!

  • Entered, good luck!

  • Just hoping I win......

    I just need a loan for a new cpu. :/

  • Entering daily... hope I win 😀


  • nomnomnomno

  • almost there =)
    we can do this together

  • entered

  • Dreya

    done all tasks! hope to win! please!!!!

  • Yes i'm in. Thanks for the chance Gigabyte, Futurelooks, and other sponsors.

  • Sh4un

    Almost time. all the best to everyone.

  • Bill

    I would love to win this dream board dont feel Im going to be that lucky but good luck to all that entered!

  • Good luck folks. =)

  • JimLimProject

    I wonder who won? August 27 is just about over where I'm at ...

  • I wanna to win that gaming motherboard!

  • Just FYI everyone, the winner received his prize at PAX Prime 2012. We ambushed him. Check out the video above 🙂

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