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Being the gadget geek that you are, one of the worst possible scenarios for you is when your iPod runs out of power and you are left without a smidget of self-selected music. It sucks even more when you are out on the town, only to discover that your cell phone is about to run out of juice. Without a car charger or wall outlet in sight, you could be out of the communication loop until you can make it back home. These situations can be terribly terrifying, can’t they?

To ensure that all of your portable electronics always have access to an emergency power source, the people at Ecosol created what they call the PowerStick. While it may look like an extra beefy USB flash drive, this handy little device actually serves quite a different purpose. With a 750mAh battery housed within, it can provide an emergency boost in power to your cell phone, BlackBerry, or portable music player.

Features and Specifications

Designed as a green energy solution, the Ecosol Powerstick is effectively a universal portable charger. It may not be able to fill up the biggest of batteries, but it’s not supposed to be your primary source of power either. The idea is that it’s relatively small and can come in super handy during emergencies. You’d hate to have your cell phone run out of juice when you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

The features sound pretty standard:

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (750 mAh capacity)
  • Universal charging via USB
  • Integrated LCD with “fuel guage”
  • Intelligent USB charging
  • Microcontrolled Protection System
  • Output current: 700 mA max
  • Output voltage: DC 5V
  • Charge time (to 90% capacity): 0 to 90 minutes
  • Cycle life: 1000+ full cycles
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 105 x 15mm
  • 1 year limited warranty

While it may seem like a handy device to have, I am a little disappointed at the maximum 750 mAh capacity of the Ecosol Powerstick. My Windows Mobile smartphone, for example, takes a battery that is 1250 mAh. This means that if I use the Powerstick with this phone, I’d only achieve 60% capacity at best. Surely they could have fit a larger battery in there.

Look At All Those Adapters

While you may already find some portable power solutions out there that cater to specific products (a plethora have been developed for the iPhone 3G), the Powerstick by Ecosol is much more universal. It doesn’t do this right out of the box, per se, but included in the package are no fewer than nine different adapters. The adapters in the box will fit everything from a Nokia cell phone to a BlackBerry, from a Samsung handset to an iPod. The mini-USB cable is probably the most universal, being used for a huge range of devices. 

With this many adapters, the Powerstick will work with a lot of different electronics. Unfortunately, the “Samsung” adapter didn’t fit my friend’s Samsung D900. For this reason, I’d highly recommend that you inquire with Ecosol about the compatibility of the Powerstick with your particular mobile phone before purchasing. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a device that doesn’t do what it needs to do for you.

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