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During the event, some men and women in black paraded themselves around the E3 showfloor carrying aluminum cases that allegedly contained the new M17x gaming laptop. It’s an all new revised laptop sporting a 17″ 1920 x 1200 LCD optimized for gaming. We played around with it on our own for a bit before finally getting the word as to what makes it better than the rest. Check out the video:

The models we sampled offered the pinnacle of laptop configurations. This included dual mobile GTX 280Ms as well as Intel Quad Core Extreme CPUs. Memory was also available for maxing out at up to 8GB. Base models start at $1799 with a single GTX 280M but can head upwards of $3500 if you want to blow a ton of cash for dual GPUs, bigger hard drives (and SSDs) and more RAM.

All M17X sport the customizable LED back lit function so you can set it to what ever color theme you like via the handy software. In addition, there is also a new facial recognition software that acts as a security sentinel. This makes it perfect for gamers that want to have something just a little more unique than your average gaming laptop.

Turtle Beach


The folks at Turtle Beach were busy pimping out their new Playstation 3 headset. The new EarForce P21 gaming headset offers an In-Line USB-Powered Amplifier that combines quality in-game audio and PlayStation Network Chat into an affordable package. The inline control allows independent control of game and voice signals while a variable bass boost control enhances in game audio effects like gunfire and explosions. A proprietary chat boost also enhances chat levels during loud gaming sequences.


One of the unique things on this headset besides the fully articulated mic are the ear cups. Instead of a dense pleather or velur material, the ear cups are engineered for air flow and cooling with the use of a sport mesh. This also makes the headset quite light. Inside the cups are 40mm drivers that provide for an impressive aural experience at only $79.99 US when they arrive at retail anytime.

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