One of the best things associated with being a DIY computer enthusiast comes from the ability to re-purpose old tech. In fact, I used the guts of the second laptop I ever owned as the core of a home network server. It was a fun project, but Digital Storm has a better idea for your old beat-up laptop. Give them a cool pic of your old clunker and they may replace it with a $1,478 Krypton Gaming Laptop. The best part of the contest is that there are no other hoops to jump through.

On May 1st, 2014 Digital Storm will select the best picture of the worst laptop and reward them with a free gaming laptop. And if you are not the type to enter this awesome contest, then you can purchase any one of the four awesome new laptops from Digital Storm starting at $1,196 right now.

The new notebooks look solid, with one of the key features of their Krypton series being that they are designed with an upgradable processor and graphics card. This, in addition to the standard storage and memory upgradeability, ensures that even a couple years down the road, your notebook will be fairly future proofed.

I would enter the contest myself, but you can’t tell my laptop is, you know, a laptop any more. You can find all the information about the contest and the new Digital Storm laptops below.

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Digital Storm Unveils Four New Gaming Laptops and is Giving Away $1,478 Laptop to Celebrate the Launch

Digital Storm is excited to unveil four new gaming notebooks – the 15.6 inch Javelin and Lance and the 17.3 inch Krypton and Behemoth.  The four laptops provide a variety of sizes, configurations and features to meet the needs of almost any mobile PC gamer.

All four models in Digital Storm’s new line feature the new NVIDIA GTX 800M series of graphics cards.  The new generation of graphics cards offers improved performance and advanced technology like Battery Boost, to maximize battery life during gaming, and ShadowPlay for recording gameplay streams.

“We’ve wanted to refresh our notebook line for a while and the NVIDIA GTX 800M series launch provided the perfect timing,” said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development.  “The cards’ ability to deliver gaming performance comparable to a desktop system allow our notebooks to dominate anywhere.”

Starting at just $1,196 the custom built Javelin gaming notebook delvers stellar gaming performance and a high-definition multimedia experience.  The Javelin’s 1080P display allows gamers to experience every inch of the battlefield in incredible detail.

The powerful Lance utilizes a high performance notebook cooling system that compartmentalizes critical hardware to keep the notebook frosty during even the most intense sessions.  The notebook also comes equipped with Sound Blaster’s X-Fi MB3 platform and two precision balanced Onkyo speakers with a built in subwoofer to deliver dynamic, immersive audio.

With room for up to three storage drives and fully upgradeable components (graphics card, processor, and memory), timeworn technology can no longer vanquish a gamer’s long-term plans. The 17.3 inch Krypton is a mobile war machine with an unquenchable thirst for upgrades, allowing its owner to remain a dominant force for years to come.

The unstoppable 17.3-inch Behemoth features dual SLI GTX 880M graphics cards to unleash jaw-dropping performance with even the most demanding games.  Digital Storm’s multi-zone customizable LED backlit keyboard will not only turn heads, but also keeps gamers in control in the heat of battle.

Digital Storm is giving away Krypton, a $1,478 value, to a gamer in need to celebrate the launch of the four notebooks.  Contestants simply need to upload a picture of their broke-down, dilapidated, decrepit, laptop at to enter.  Digital Storm will choose the best (read: worst) photo and announce a winner on May 1, 2014.

All three new gaming notebooks are available exclusively at


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