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Look Ma! No Hands!

Dance Dance Revolution - Wii-mote and Nunchuk w/Dance Mat in Background

I must admit that I was one of the doofus’ that thought the Wii-mote and nunchuk were going to be strapped to my legs. My imagination was totally flawed, because they did come out with a dance mat made of plastic and pressure sensors. I guess Konami thought that there would be too many lawsuits and warranty issues with replacing Wii-motes. This game does take advantage of your hands so that you’re moving every limb on your body in an attempt to pass the game. Later on I found out that you could pick up some foam dance mats that will make jumping on the floor a little more comfortable.

Final Thoughts…

This game has great re-playability and is a super fun party game that would surely bring some embarrassing videos that can be past to future generations. If you find yourself hosting many game nights, this game is a must for your Wii arsenal. However, I can’t see many people attempting to use this game as a basis for their exercise regiment. That was however a nice try by Konami to get gamers off their enlarged derrières. It utilized the Wii accessories fairly well considering that there are no hand batons for other console games out there.

The Pros

  • GREAT party game even when you only have one dance mat.
  • 4 player capability for even more craziness.
  • Wide variety of songs for all skill levels.
  • Ability to make some songs easier by turning off the hand batons and the “gimmicks”.
  • Use of every limb to get a great individual workout.
  • Watching your friends develop turf-toe from using the dance mat? Priceless!

The Cons

  • Not being able to restart a song or quit one once you’re in it.
  • Difficult for the dance pad to register when located on plush carpet.
  • Disgusting colours on the screen that could cause seizures.
  • Dance pad doesn’t have the same durability as the plexi-glass pads in the arcade, so take your shoes off!

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10.0

Recommended by Futurelooks!

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