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There’s a reason why the Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s second largest trade show (CeBIT sits on top of the throne). Just about anyone remotely related to the consumer electronics industry shows up, proudly displaying their latest creations and in the case of some companies, their older products because they’ve got nothing new to offer. Of course, the latter group receive far less attention than the former, and for good reason! We want the latest, the greatest, the freshest and the newest. CES is also home to a lot of cool gadgets and new gizmos so here’s a look at three very different companies, each showcasing a very different set of products at this year’s CES.

Corinex Communications Corp.

Corinex is a company that wants to offer “anywire connectivity” to the masses. In a nutshell, they make it possible for you to have a wired Internet connection from any power outlet. This is definitely handy for people who don’t want to mess with the security issues and complexity of a home wireless network, because getting hooked up to the web is as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable.

Their new product announcement for CES 2008 is GameNet, a solution that they call the “simplest and fastest way to connect your game console to the Internet, from anywhere in the home!” It functions in much the same way as prior Corinex products, but it has been specifically designed with gamers in mind. This jumps all over the recent trend toward online console gaming, like that found on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii. Afterall, lag kills and wireless networks are laggy.


The goals with GameNet are to simplify the process of getting connected and to improve performance. If you have your game system in the basement, attic, or anywhere that gets a weak signal from your wireless router, there’s a good chance that you’d experience some serious lag while gaming online, assuming that you get anything at all. With GameNet, you get a “fast alternative with no lag.” If you ever move your console, moving your online connection is remarkably easy.


They say that this is four times faster than wireless, gets installed in two minutes, and it is guaranteed to offer a stable connection (up to 200Mbps). For more pictures of the product line, check out our CES 2008 Corinex Photo Gallery.

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