Readers of a certain vintage will remember rabbit ears; those big dipole antennas you mounted on the top of your television to improve your broadcast television signal. Well I think we’ve found the 21st century version of that, and it’s from a newcomer to the wireless Internet market. Kinivo (pronounced as Kee-Nee-Voh) is making the jump from mobile accessories to mobile hardware with their WID380 USB Wi-Fi adapter, and they are promising to deliver all the features you want in your Wi-Fi at a remarkable price.

Kinivo is billing this USB Wi-Fi adapter as the most user friendly option to add Wi-Fi to a device where wired access may not be able to be placed. It connects to your USB 2.0 port directly and can also be placed up to 3 feet away with the included extension cable. While it does sport dual antennas, they are there with the intent of boosting signal strength. Unfortunately the adapter does not support the 5GHz Wi-Fi band. That being said, the WID380 does support all the modern security protocols and is fully compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

The MSRP on the WID380 is set at $19.99 and is available now. More info can be found in the press release below.

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Kinivo’s WID380 Enhanced USB Adapter Brings Wireless Freedom to Your Desktop and Laptop

kinivo wid380

USB adapter adds Wi-Fi capability to your computer and boosts connectivity speed, signal and reliability

REDMOND, Wash. – March 19, 2014 – Kinivo, producer of quality mobile accessories, today announces their WID380 Wireless Enhanced USB Adapter, an all-in-one solution for enhancing existing Wi-Fi capabilities or adding the freedom of wireless Internet to your desktop or later laptop models. Kinivo’s WID380 Wireless Enhanced USB Adapter adds dimension, increases speed, improves signal strength and heightens overall wireless Internet performance, establishing a more reliable network between your Internet router and laptop or desktop. The new WID380 delivers your device’s best wireless connection, maximizing performance and providing your signal a boost with speeds up to 300 Mbps for immediate high-speed wireless connectivity at home, work or hotspot locations.

The WID380 is the ultimate Wi-Fi solution for difficult-to-wire environments, including buildings with solid or finished walls, bringing the freedom of wireless Internet wherever you need. Mobile professionals and students will also benefit from Kinivo’s new WID380 given their frequently changing environments, requiring a reliable Internet connection between meetings, classes and more.

Kinivo’s user friendly WID380 connects by plugging directly into your laptop or desktop’s USB port, or, can be placed up to three feet away with the included extension cable. This optimal position allows the wireless dual antennas improve speed, range and signal strength. Helpful for mobile professionals, online gaming, digital media streaming and file transfer, Kinivo’s WID380 increases your Internet connection’s wireless capabilities to ensure they’re operating as efficiently and securely as possible.

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“Poor Internet connection is a thing of the past,” says Kinivo Director of Marketing Andy Karuza. “The WID380 allows you to maximize the value of your home or office’s wireless Internet connection and is an easy-to-use component to continuously improve your digital devices.”

WID380 Technical Specifications

  • Supports wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps with 802.11n and channel bonding enabled wireless access points
  • R2 x 2dBi dual antennas enhance wireless experience by improving wireless signal strength and range
  • Compatible with all 802.11g/b/n 2.4GHz wireless networks
  • Security encryption using WEP, WPA and WPA2 (TKIP+AES)
    Note: The WID380 does not operate in the 5GHz frequency with dual band routers.

Device Compatibility

  •    WID380 transforms any computer with a USB port to a wireless capable computer
  • Supports IEEE 802.11n wireless N networks
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) for easy setup with WPS capable routers
  • Backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks

WID380 adapter closed

Kinivo’s WID380 is now available at an introductory price of $19.99 through To connect with Kinivo, visit Facebook or Twitter. For more information on Kinivo’s WID380 and full line of mobile accessories head to the product home page.

About Kinivo
Kinivo, (pronounced as Kee-Nee-Voh,) creates consumer electronics that simplify daily life at home, in the office and on the go. Kinivo offers a diverse range of gadgets, from Bluetooth connected headphones and speaker systems to rechargeable battery packs and wireless keyboards, delivering exceptional quality tech accessories at affordable prices. Kinivo takes pride in offering superior consumer service and high user satisfaction with their stylishly designed mobile accessories intended to simplify our digital world. All Kinivo products exceed extensive development and quality assurance testing and are supported with a one-year warranty.


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