“That’s what she said” jokes aside, big things really do come in small packages, right? Over at Computex Taipei 2016, the folks at Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) have uncovered a couple of new additions to their product line, including the brand new LIVA Pro mini-PC.

The LIVA series of mini-PCs from ECS has been around for at least a couple of years now, but they haven’t done anything to update the form factor into something more attractive than an otherwise generic white (or black) box. With the new LIVA PRO, you get a new chassis to go along with the new MINI STX motherboard, which is 29% smaller than the equivalent MINI ITX.

It may be small, but it’s bound to be scrappy. The 1.3-liter sized LIVA Pro mini-PC gets the newest Core i processors from Intel, DDR4 SO-DIMMs for up to 32GB of memory, USB-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, and dual display output. This could be perfect as a discreet home theater PC or wherever physical space may be limited.

Along with the LIVA Pro, ECS also announced the Z170-LIGHTSABER LEET GAMING motherboard with Superior Audio, a new USB power supply for devices like VR glasses, and a fancy 7-color LED setup. Have a look through the gallery and press release for further details. It’s Computex week, so be on the look out for plenty more PC DIY news coming out of Taiwan these next few days.

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ECS launches brand new LEET GAMING motherboard & LIVA mini PC @Computex 2016
Illumination LED and Killer Gaming network – Z170-LIGHTSABER, LIVA Pro with MINI STX solution

[Taipei – Taiwan] Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) proudly introduces its brand new LEET GAMING motherboard Z170-LIGHTSABER and LIVA Pro mini-PC in 2016 Computex. Z170-LIGHTSABER adopts the Killer E2400 Gaming high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Controller that prioritizes bandwidth automatically to decrease gaming latency. It implements an independent power solution and Nichicon audio capacitors to provide better audio quality. In addition, it features Illumination LED with 7 colors to go well with your gaming components and chassis! ECS launches new LIVA mini PC – Pro, adopting a MINI STX motherboard. It supports the latest Intel desktop processors and the fastest DDR4 memory to offer amazing performance within a 1.3-liter size! LIVA Pro brings desktop grade flexibility and performance into the mini PC market.

Brand new LEET GAMING motherboard
Z170-LIGHTSABER adopts gamers’ favorite Killer E2400 Gaming high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Controller that prioritizes bandwidth automatically to decrease gaming latency. Z170-LIGHTSABER features Superior Audio – an independent audio power solution, which protects from electromagnetic interference, a changeable audio amplifier that suits the gamer’s audio taste, and Nichicon audio capacitors delivering great stability and reliability. Z170-LIGHTSABER offers a brand new USB power supply design to support high power USB devices such as VR glasses, and gaming equipment USB ports with 1000Hz response rate for high-end gaming keyboards or mice! On top of these rich features, Z170-LIGHTSABER has special Illumination LED with 7 colors. Gamers can switch LED color to go well with their gaming equipment and chassis! From the inside and out, Z170-LIGHTSABER is unique for you!

New LIVA Pro mini PC
Since 2013, ECS LIVA mini PC series has won lots of awards and received positive feedback from worldwide media and customers. In 2016, ECS and Intel co-developed a brand new form factor solution – a MINI STX motherboard into the DIY desktop market. Its’ size is 29% smaller than MINI ITX, but keeps the hardware configuration of a traditional DIY motherboard. The size of LIVA Pro with MINI STX motherboard is only 1.3 liters! Supporting Intel’s latest Core i processors, and standard LGA115x coolers and featuring DDR4 SO-DIMMs up to 32GB! In addition, it supports USB 3.0 with the Type-C connector, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, dual display outputs via HDMI and DisplayPort, and 2.5” HDD/SSD. LIVA Pro brings great flexibility and performance into the mini PC market to satisfy more users’ requirements.


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