Rosewill is very proud of their Throne case which has been in development for over a year. And with good reason. It is strong, well constructed, full tower case, set at a price we can all afford. They even showed off a great custom paint job at COMPUTEX 2013, further showing off the potential of this case. Now they are releasing new options for the Throne series.

Rosewill is introducing both the new Gunmetal Gray color and windowed side panels for the Throne series. Although you will have to give up the 230 mm side panel fan to show off all the great hardware in your build, most of us think the window is worth it. What is the point of having up to 10 HDD, 12 LED fans, up to an XL-ATX motherboard, and a massive power supply if you can’t show it off?

The Rosewill Throne Gunmetal Gray with windowed side retails for 99 $159.US which is only $10 higher than the standard model at $149.99 US. There are some amazing cases in the same market space but the Throne gives you choices and sometimes that is what you really want. You can find a video overview of the case below…

If you’re having problems viewing the video you can find it right here on our YouTube Channel.

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