Cooler Master never disappoints when it comes to Computex and this year is no different. No drastic design changes here, because Cooler Master knows its what’s on the inside that counts for the Nepton Series and NovaTouch Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard.

Starting from the sea, we have the Nepton Series of CPU All-in-One CPU Cooler with a full overhaul. Cooler Master switched to an Advanced Silent Driver pump for super low vibration and upgraded to the Silencio fans to bring the noise for the entire series to 11 dBA. That wasn’t enough for CM though, so they are also introducing a new manufacturing process to optimize hotspots on the water block for better efficiency. Never forgetting options, you can get any one of the Nepton coolers to suit your PC with the 120XL, 140XL, 240M, and 280L.


The most interesting piece Cooler Master brought to Computex 2014 is the NovaTouch Hybrid Capacitive keyboard. This electro-static capacitive keyboard is far more than a standard rubber dome keyboard with uniform 45g actuation with extra low noise levels. If capacitive keyboards are not your style, the NovaTouch will work with a wide array of MX Cherry keys as well. Use some MX Cherry Red, Blue, Brown, etc. or any combination of these to exactly match how you want each key to respond.

While these are the leading products for Cooler Master, it is only scratching the surface. Cooler Master is also showing off tablet accessories, updated versions of the Hyper CPU air cooler, and a 1200W 80Plus Titanium unit with Bluetooth enabled smart phone app. If you need to stay cool or shine extra bright, Cooler Master has you covered.

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Cooler Master Shows Off new Nepton Series Water Cooling & NovaTouch Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard

03-06-2014 – Cooler Master, a leading provider of desktop components, peripherals, and mobile accessories, shows off the renewed line-up of the low-noise Nepton liquid cooling series and the ultra high-end keyboard Novatouch TKL with hybrid capacitive switches. Both will be available in July, but will be on display during COMPUTEX 2014 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, M0320 from June 3rd – 7th.

New Low-noise Nepton 120XL, 140XL, 240M, 280L

Cooler Master’s Nepton liquid cooling series has been renewed with a low-noise design across the entire line-up which now includes 120 mm, 140 mm, 240 mm and 280 mm radiators to improve case compatibility. The Advanced Silent Driver in the Nepton pump features extremely low vibration levels and provides a high 120 L/hr flow rate with minimal noise at 11dBA.

A Cooler Master-designed water block is manufactured using a special manufacturing process to produce a large micro-channel surface area and a high-efficiency jet impingement system to optimize hotspot cooling performance. The exclusive manufacturing process eliminates micro-channel imperfections in the waterblock to prevent blockage and allows for an increased surface area over 4 times greater than the competition, resulting in an extremely high performance waterblock. The Nepton series now uses the all-new Silencio Fan that offers 11dBA noise levels and high air pressure rated at 1.2 mm H2O.

Novatouch TKL Keyboard with Hybrid Capacitive Switches

The new Premium Novatouch TKL Keyboard from Cooler Master utilizes exclusive Hybrid Capacitive switches designed for heavy-duty typing and gaming. The new Hybrid Capacitive switch is uniformly weighted at 45g actuation over the entire keyboard and is precision tuned to provide smooth but tactile actuation feedback and exceptionally low noise levels. The Novatouch TKL Keyboard also offers support for widely available Cherry MX Keycaps for users to customize the keyboard with their own unique, personal touch.

Digital Power Supply

On display in a private room was Cooler Master’s new foray into digital power with a 1200W 80Plus Titanium unit and included Bluetooth enabled smart phone app.


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