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Choiix Offers Blue Trace on Cruiser Mouse

We’ve already seen a “riser” style mouse from Choiix before, but this newer version uses a Blue Trace sensor. That’s not unlike the BlueTrack technology from Microsoft, allowing for better accuracy and response on all kinds of surfaces.

The Choiix Cruiser offers two settings for height and the elevated position reveals the hidden location of the USB nano receiver. Available in five different colors, the Choiix Cruiser mouse also comes bundled with a complimentary mouse pad.

Cooler Master NotePal U3 Notebook Cooling Stand

I’ve been using the NotePal ErgoStand notebook cooler for a little while and I think the design overall is great. However, it’s not nearly as versatile as the Cooler Master NotePal U3. But, it is a natural progression from the NotePal U2 that preceded it, the NotePal U3 gives you three separate fans with adjustable locations. You simply click them off and clip them onto the mesh-like surface wherever the hottest spots on your laptop may be.

Another neat feature is that the USB connector and fan speed controller for the U3 can be clipped on either the left or right side of the cooler. This helps to better accommodate laptop designs of different kinds.

Add On Tech Puts Big Sound in the Laptop Base

Looking for a different kind of laptop stand? It wasn’t on my wish list for the perfect notebook cooler, but it seems that Add On Technology has come up with an interesting idea. The Soundbase Mobile may look like a relatively standard notebook cooling stand, but it actually hides a pair of stereo speakers for an improved aural experience on the go.

There’s still a single cooling fan in the center and a convenient handle for easy travel, but it’s the two speakers that make this unit quite different from others on the market. Most notebooks are lacking in the speaker department, so any sort of gain for your musical enjoyment is most welcome. Then again, I guess you could grab the Asus NX90 for some big sound too.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Powers Lenovo LePhone

In case you haven’t heard, Qualcomm updated its Snapdragon line of mobile processors at COMPUTEX 2010, announcing the MSM8260 and MSM8660. The 1.2GHz dual core processors are designed so that both cores are individually scalable, meaning you can have one running at 1.2GHz and the other at 900MHz, for instance. While it doesn’t make use of the new processors, the Lenovo LePhone is still quite the interesting Snapdragon smartphone to consider. It features a large AMOLED touchscreen display and it can be docked into a clamshell case to gain a hardware QWERTY keyboard. The LePhone runs on Android 2.1.

It really will be interesting to see where Snapdragon goes in the near future, having been used in everything from smartphones to smartbooks to tablets. Snapdragon competes directly with the NVIDIA Tegra and competition is a good thing for the end consumer.

More Coverage to Come

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