When top companies get together to collaborate on projects, good things happen. Toyota and Subaru joined forces to make the FR-S and BRZ. Olympus and Panasonic got together to work on the micro four-thirds digital camera format. And now, in the world of PC gaming, we’ve got Razer and Lenovo buddying up to “revolutionize gaming devices” all over again.

Announced during Dreamhack 2015 in Sweden over the weekend, the new partnership between Razer and Lenovo will see the two companies work to “advance the gaming lifestyle through world-class product in unprecedented ways.” Razer has been making a lot of headway into the gaming market — I’m a Street Fighter geek, so the sponsorships of top players like Xian and Infiltration are front of mind — but the company doesn’t have the same level of reach and production scale as Lenovo.

On the flip side, Lenovo is one of the biggest PC companies in the world (not to mention that it also owns Motorola), but you don’t get a lot of gaming street cred for rocking a Lenovo. Put the two together and you’ve got a “cool” brand with some very efficient manufacturing and logistics.

The Razer and Lenovo partnership is already bearing its first fruit: a co-branded version of Lenovo’s Y-Series gaming desktops. It features a black and green color scheme, in line with Razer’s branding, while going even more colorful with the Chroma LED tech. There’s a good chance that this partnership will also leak over into Razer’s Blade family of gaming laptops too, though I doubt we’ll see a Lenovo co-branded Atrox arcade stick any time soon.

Via Kotaku

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