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A Little Love for the Little Guy Too

Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve For Notebooks Review

The Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve is designed to accommodate notebooks as large as 14-inches, so it had no problem swallowing the 10-inch Asus Eee PC 1000HA or an MSI Wind. As you can see in the picture above, the sleeve still had plenty of room to spare even after swallowing the 1000HA.

Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve For Notebooks Review

With that much extra space, you may be more inclined to consider a smaller case for your Eee PC. Thankfully, Choiix is covering the netbook end of the market as well with its Easy Fit EeePC Sleeve. These are designed for the Eee PC, but you can probably use them for other similarly sized netbooks on the market from other manufacturers.

The design of the Easy Fit EeePC Sleeve is distinctly different from the Ergonomic Metal Sleeve. These aren’t really meant to be used as lapdesks, but they do come with the added advantage of having a place to stow your extra SD/SDHC memory card inside. They also have a velvet-like suede exterior for added style. Unfortunately, they do not have a product to fit the 10 inch EeePC, but they are working on it.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve For Notebooks Review

This freshman foray into laptop accessories from Choiix is clearly riddled with some early growing pains. It’s clear that Choiix is aiming to marry function with fashion when it comes to the Ergonomic Metal Sleeve design and the briefly mentioned EeePC sleeves. The overall styling is in line with popular fashions in Asia (Taiwan and Hong Kong, especially), but these products may feel a bit out of place in the Western market. Some things just don’t catch on and it will take a bit of research and adjustment for Choiix to get it right.

As for the product itself, while I appreciate the inclusion of an aluminum plate, the relatively good build quality, and the good choice of materials, the Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve isn’t as functional as it could be. There is no protection from the sides and the flap-and-Velcro system is a little inconvenient in its approach to closing the sleeve. Another thing that I find a little puzzling, considering the amount of rain Taiwan gets, is the relative openness of the case, exposing your notebook to the elements.

Overall, this is a solid effort and while I cannot whole heartedly recommend the Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve, I am looking forward to seeing what else Choiix has in the works for the future.


  • Good choice of materials
  • Dual functionality is a definite plus
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Good build quality


  • Minimal protection from the elements
  • Loop-through straps are a little inconvenient
  • Aluminum lapdesk features offers minimal cooling
  • No additional slots for memory cards, etc.

Overall Rating: 7.0 / 10.0

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