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Q3 Innovations, LLC

Some firms may tell you to soar like an eagle, but it seems like the crew at Q3 Innovations have a thing for the hawk. Meeting with Megan Lawler on the trade show floor, she had three sets of products to highlight from their collection.


The AlcoHAWK Breathalyzers sound like the kind of thing that only a police officer would want to know about, but I was told that there is significant interest in other areas as well, including but not limited to schools, construction sites, and even concerned parents? Imagine telling your teenage daughter to blow on this! The newest unit is the AlcoHAWK PT500, and it boasts the new PT Core electro-chemical fuel-cell sensor. This is supposed to be faster and more accurate than previous units, but it sure didn’t look like anything special.


Speaking of law enforcement, the RadarHAWK SM radar/laser detector might help you avoid a speeding ticket or two, but you really shouldn’t be gunning down a busy street anyways. What makes the RadarHAWK SM a little different from other similar devices is that it has been outfitted with solar panels covering almost all of its top cover. Since it sits on your dash, it’s harnessing the power of the sun throughout the day. You’ve just got to wonder about people who only park underground and only drive at night. The RadarHAWK SM detects X, K, and Ka radar bands and it offers complete 360-degree laser detection.


Rounding out the trio is the ThermoHAWK line of digital thermometers. What’s cool is that these are actually touchless infrared thermometers that can (almost) instantly give you the surface temperature of just about anything. If you’re working on your car or cooking dinner, a quick tap and read-out could prove to be pretty useful. The display works in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can take it a little further with the ThermalHAWK PRO series, but these are more expensive and less compact.

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