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National Geographic

Those folks at National Geographic are like a charging Rhinoceros when it comes to marketing their name. Their latest branding effort takes us into a new line of Digital Lifestyle Bags that allow you to store your gadgets in a form that doesn’t scream “Hey! I’ve got a bunch of gadgets on me! Please steal them!” I guess the best disguise is in the form of plain sight and urban trendy burlap. Although they’ve been doing camera bags for a little while now, with the help of KATA, they’ve just recently jumped into the realm of Digital Lifestyle gadget bags.

Prices range from $11 for their new Nano Pouch to $125 for their new Large Laptop Shoulder Bag (pictured above). They are surprisingly well built and offer lots of great functionality thanks to an injection of KATA’s technology. Fashioned in unassuming burlap, they still contain all protection and functionality that you would expect in conventional gadget bags. I mean, who would steal a burlap sack?

Two new camera straps, the Travel and Adventure, also join the National Geographic line up. The Travel Camera Strap (NG 3020, $11 street price) offers a camera strap that boasts the classic Earth Explorer style while the Adventure Camera Strap (NG 303, $19 street price) features the added benefit of media pockets.

For more pictures of the product line, check out our CES 2008 Bogen Imaging Photo Gallery. 

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