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You’ve probably never heard of Ubicom. Prior to my visit to the Consumer Electronics Expo, I didn’t know about them either. This is because they typically do not release products under their own company banner, instead creating reference designs that are then reworked and marketed by other companies. For example, UBICOM’s Stream Engine technology has found its way into a lot of award winning products like the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Wireless Router, which takes advantage of their StreamEngine processor and gives the product its wicked performance. The primary item being showcased at the Ubicom suite in Wynn Las Vegas was a digital picture frame. But of course, not just any digital picture frame…

Digital photo frames are everywhere these days, so Ubicom wanted to ensure that their offering was a little special. For starters, this is a wireless photo frame, meaning that you can grab content through a standard WiFi connection. Using WiFi, the frame can connect seamlessly with social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Google Web Albums, and Microsoft Live Spaces. This means that while you are on vacation, you can instantly share those pictures through the frame at home.

Another way to share the digital pictures is to use the web aggregation solution delivered by Frame Media inc. This content can then be transferred via UPnP or a desktop widget. The idea is that this frame is supposed to be easy to use for even the newbiest of newbies. Digital photo frames are often given as gifts, so it’s helpful when they can be configured remotely.

If you’re wondering about when this frame will be ready for market, look no further than one of the first devices to make use of Ubicom’s reference design is already getting marketed by D-Link as part of their D-Life line of digital lifestyle products. No word on pricing, but we here that this reference design is perfectly capable of 802.11n connectivity too.

For more pictures from our visit with UBICOM, check out our CES 2008 UBICOM Photo Gallery.

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