More AOC Agon Gaming Monitors with Sync Stuff

When AOC first announced its Agon sub-brand for all the gamers, we had a feeling that plenty of good things were in the works. Adding to the growing collection are a pair of AOC Agon gaming monitors for the US ... Continued

Razer Blade 2017 More Badass Than Ever

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CES 2017 - AOC I1601FWUX Adds a Screen Via USB-C

This thing about all of our computers, particularly our laptops and 2-in-1s, losing all of their ports except for the USB-C port is troubling in the short-term, but it's ultimately going to correct itself in th... Continued

ECS LIVA Z Mini PCs to Rock CES 2017

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Charge Your USB-C Laptop with Tiny FINsix DART-C

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