A huge number of products have burst forth from the GIGABYTE booth at this year’s COMPUTEX show. Today they revealed a whole collection of laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets. Of particular interest to myself is the ultramobile devices, including the ultrabooks and tablets.  There are two 11.6″ models with one aimed at business and one aimed at home. Both feature weight specs below 2kg and have capacitive touchscreens so they can be used as either slate style tablet or full ultrabook.

Some of you may also gravitate towards the gaming laptops being announced here. GIGABYTE is featuring both large full-featured gaming notebooks, and ultrabook-like system with powerful discrete graphics cards.

This release encompasses on lot of usage scenarios, and I encourage you to take a look below. You’re bound to find something you’ll like. As for Futurelooks, well we’ll have more from COMPUTEX coming this week.

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GIGABYTE Launches Comprehensive Laptop & Tablet Lines for Upcoming Computex

Gadgets Ranging from Performance Gaming Laptop to Business-savvy 3-in-1 Tablets, Promising Uncompromised Digital Life

June 2, Taipei – GIGABYTE announced a full spectrum of laptops and tablets with rich features and industry-leading performance. Designed for gamers with the highest demands for mobility, the ultimate lean and powerful P series laptops deliver stunning performance, immersive sound for an uncompromised mobile gaming experience. The sleek yet compact S-line tablets are packed with intuitive finger navigation, enhanced battery life and outstanding connectivity for either business presentations or immersive multimedia. The versatile Q series are poised to impress value seekers with their brilliant processing, immersive audiovisual, and performance. All products are designed with lavish features and unmatched portability, making sure every moment with a GIGABYTE device a beginning step to a fascinating digital life.

Astonishingly Thin yet Absolutely Powerful: ULTRAFORCE with GTX 870M – P35W/ P35G
‘ULTRAFORCE’ superior mobility releases power users from the shackles of desktop, providing uncompromised performance for playing major game titles or running resource-demanding applications on the go. The fierce gaming-class NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 870M GDDR5 6GB VRAM and the latest 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor makes for one mean and powerful 15.6″ gaming machine. In addition to raw power, its quad-storage system houses two 512GB mSATA SSD and a pair of 1.5TB HDD* within a 20.9mm chassis making it one of the thinnest and lightest machines with massive storage capability in the market. The hot swappable HDD/ODD slot allows exceptional flexibility for the power user while the Full HD 170° wide viewing angle display delivers a superb viewing experience on a 15.6″ screen. The P35 ‘Ultraforce’ defines a new breed of gaming devices – light enough to carry yet punchy in terms of performance.

Stunning Power Meets Supreme Mobility: ULTRAFORCE with GTX 860M – P34G
‘ULTRAFORCE’ superior mobility releases power users from the shackles of desktop, providing uncompromised performance for playing major game titles or running resource-demanding applications on the go. This media acclaimed 14″ gaming laptop returns with a fierce gaming-class graphic upgrade – NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M GDDR5 4GB VRAM and 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor. Slim and light as an ultrabook, the P34 is only 20.9mm thick and weighs 1.67Kg. It houses a speedy 512GB mSATA SSD and a spacious 1.5TB HDD*, combining lightning speed access with massive storage capacity. The premium Full HD 170° wide viewing display guarantees superior clarity while Dolby® Digital Plus™ Home Theater produces immersive surround sound. P34 is the answer to the growing demand of mobile gaming, delivering a heavyweight gaming experience without the bulk and heft synonymous in the gaming laptop category.

P8,500 Firepower: The Gaming Legend with GTX 880M Top-tier Performance* – P25X/ P25W
Featuring the most powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 880M GDDR5 8GB VRAM **gaming discrete graphics and a powerful yet efficient 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor, P25 delivers gamers the best of the best in terms of graphics, power and storage. Packed with two 512 GB mSATA SSD and one huge 1.5TB HDD, its unique tri-storage provides huge capacity for backing-up data and RAID 0 technology makes for speedy startup of games and programs. With a Full HD 170° wide viewing angle matte display, backlit gaming keyboard, Dolby® Digital Plus™ Home Theater through 4 stereo speakers and a punchy subwoofer, and a built-in Blu-ray Rewritable Drive* ensure users receive an unprecedented experience on a laptop of this size whether gaming or watching movies!

* based on NVIDIA GTX 880M official test statistics
** P25W v2 featuring GTX 870M GDDR5 6GB will also be available

Colossal Assault: Full-scale Vision with GTX 860M – P27G
Colossal 1080p Full HD matte anti-glare display makes for an amazing experience while gaming! This 17.3″ machine is powered by a blazingly fast gaming-level discrete graphics–NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M and a 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor making it capable of serious gaming. Its 3 DIMM memory slots guarantee expansion up to 24GB. The unique tri-storage is able to pack a mSATA SSD up to 512GB and two large 1.5TB HDD*, providing huge storage capacity as RAID 0 Technology* accomplishes rapid transmission of data. Sound Blaster™ Cinema sound quality optimization technology delivers amazing sound providing an immersive gaming experience on a colossal platform.

Cross Power Boundaries: GTX 850M for all Gamers – P15F
The 15.6″ GIGABYTE gaming laptop features a gaming-level discrete graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 850M and power-efficient 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Its dual drive bays supports up to 512GB SSD and/or a pair of 1.5TB HDD* for a seamless experience when starting up programs or backing up data. The additional swappable ODD / HDD slot provides an option to add additional storage or an optical drive, while the Full HD display ensures a superb viewing experience. Sound Blaster™ Cinema technology and its immersive sound is with you wherever you go. The P15F comes in quality matte black finish, and its angular diamond lines gives it the extra sleek look masking a gaming laptop for daily computing. Striking a perfect balance between gaming and work, the P15F appeals to the gamer in all.

Any way You Want It: 11.6″ 3-in-1 Ultrabook™ – U21MD
In pursuit of ultimate mobility and power, GIGABYTE designed the 11.6″ 3-in-1 Ultrabook™ U21MD with docking. Super thin and light at 20mm and weighing only 1.49kg, U21MD offers users unparalleled mobility and amazing performance. The multi-touch screen spins as much as 180° and can be converted into a tablet in seconds. The docking station is complete with its own set of speakers and connectivity ports are not only handy when charging but once connected, converts the U21MD into a desktop PC! Switching between 3 modes, laptop, desktop and tablet is so versatile that it is a great companion for work, school or home. The 3-in-1 U21MD is an indispensable choice for anyone who needs more to be done with less.

Enhanced Audiovisual: 11.6″ Business Tablet – S11M
Powered by 4th gen. Intel® Core™ processor with improved power efficiency, S11M Padbook multitasks with ease. The capacitive IPS multi-touch Full HD screen details vivid visuals, making viewing presentations or videos an excellent experience on your Padbook. Designed for business on the go, VGA & HDMI ports come ready for those important presentations at meetings; pointing stick nub and mouse buttons for control on the go, and magnetically attached keyboard for exceptional productivity. The Integrated kickstand makes hands-free an option, making it great for watching videos or reviewing your presentations. With enhanced productivity the S11M is an all-round tablet designed for work and fun.

Power in Your Hands: 11.6″ Padbook™ – S10M
Powered by the latest Intel® Bay Trail-M processor, S10M is an office on the go. Bundled with free ‘Office Home & Student 2013’, its extended battery grants additional time for productivity while on the move. Its complete PC features include a massive storage (up to 1TB) and a comprehensive array of connectivity ports, combining powerful performance and unprecedented convenience. Use it as a slate or a notebook: its useful accessories bundled with the keyboard kit and multimedia docking station make the S10M an exceptionally versatile device. It is the ultimate enterprise tablet that can hold more data than any other tablet in the market.

Embrace Multimedia: 15.6″ & 17.3″ All-arounder – Q2556N/ Q2756N
The Q2556N v2/ Q2756N v2 equipped with an astonishing NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 840M GPU and a stunning 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processor provides a faster computing performance that is brilliant for multitasking. Satisfy all needs for work and play with massive dual-storage system, simple-swap and remove ODD / HDD slot, and Sound Blaster™ Cinema technology. The angular diamond lines in quality matte black textured finish creates an all new unique design element. Its elegant texture with amazing array of features makes this machine a “must have” laptop for both work and play!

Agile yet Productive: 11.6″ Compact Winner – Q21M
GIGABYTE Q21’s compact chassis features modern design in quality matte silver textured finish, delivering a smart office style yet retaining simplicity. Equipped with a powerful 4th Gen Intel® Bay Trail Processor, integrating a brand new graphic core three times faster than “Intel Atom N2760”, the Q21 improves your daily computing for multitasking. Its elegant texture accompanied by an amazing array of features, makes Q21 an attractive package for both fun and work.


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