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Xclio has entered the case market with their innovative, cheap and fun designs.  One of their latest cases has posed an age old question to computer enthusiasts everywhere: Does size matter? Xclio’s Propeller case sports a 360mm side fan makes it clear to everyone what side they took.

Propeller Case Opening

So why would they want such a large fan? Well, simply put, more surface area yields more air movement per revolution. More air movement per revolution means you can keep your RPM’s lower with the same amount of airflow as a smaller fan. Low RPM’s lessens vibration and the overall sound the fan makes. Anyway, that’s the theory behind it, but we all know that real world performance is what matters and that’s what we’re here to test! Let us move on to the specs.


Specifications from

Propeller Spec Sheet

As we can see from the above list, the Propeller carries a relatively standard featurelist for a mid-sized case. It does not come with Front or Rear fans by default, however since the 360mm with fan speed control is included I can’t complain. That’s just over a foot worth of fan included by default!


By the time the package was in my hands it looked like it had been on more than a couple shipping docks. However, you can sleep soundly – – Xclio has taken the good move of using multi-layered packing foam to ensure that even if the box is jostled around, the contents stay in good condition:

Propeller Packaging

Personally, the way a company packages their product make a big difference to me, since often the products usually have to travel a very long way to get to where I am. Good packaging on the manufacturer’s part plays a huge role in the survival of said products, and Xclio has done a good job on this front.

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