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Package Contents

Propeller Contents

Inside the well packaged box, we found the following contents…

  • Xclio Case
  • Accessory Screw Bag
  • Rubber Feet

The only two things I wish that Xclio had added here are thumbscrews and a manual. These are not essential items as most users likely have enough technical prowess to figure out how to use a case and screwdriver, however these two items make it that much easier to make use of the case on a day to day basis.

First Impressions

Once we took the case out of it’s battle-worn packaging, we saw that it had come through unscathed, so it looks like the packing did it’s job! The case itself looks quite nice, with a matted black finish and a tasteful glossed-plastic stripe down the front of the case.The USB, Audio out and Firewire are located on the right side of the case. Personally I prefer front-mounted jacks so that my USB cables are not bent quite as sharply since I sit on the left hand side of the case, with USB headphones. However, if you sit on the left side of the case, this will not bother you:

Propeller Side Jacks

The front door of the case opens to just over 90 degrees to reveal four optical drive bays and two floppy/card reader bays. This is much more than any person usually needs, but it’s a fairly standard feature these days.

Propeller Front Panel

This side fan looks impressive, to say the least. Built right into the side panel with speed control and a on/off button, this one one thing that Xclio definitely got right. Surprisingly, this large fan and the LED’s together only require one molex connector, which likely means that the fan will not operate at high RPM’s. This is actually a good thing, as it will reduce noise.

The Propellers Huge side fan!

The back of the case reveals a place for up to a 120 mm exhaust fan and seven card slots with multi-use slot covers. This means that once you punch them out, you can re-install them if you ever remove the card from that slot. This is useful if you are frequently changing cards and want your case to look nice during your between swap stages. As for the actual inside of the case: it is quite bare and of standard design. It would have been nice to see removable drive bays and tool-less design here but given the price point of the case, I can’t complain much! Let’s move on and give this case some guts!

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