Last year at LANcouver 2012, Futurelooks had a unique opportunity to create teachable moments that helped educate gamers on the latest hardware, LAN party etiquette, and even, how to swap an old machine into a new case (while warning of the dangers of duct tape and cat hair). At LANcouver 2013, we continued the “LANcouver University” tradition with a panel hosted by yours truly. Joining me were emissaries from ASUS (Dennis Pang), NVIDIA (Steve Sung), NCIX (Ivan the Crazy Russian) and our very own Senior Hardware Editor, Eric Garay.

We finally had a chance to repost this EPIC panel with some of the industry’s finest. This year’s theme covered hardware for gaming topics from the past, the present, and the future, and made for a very entertaining and informative event…

If you’re having problems viewing the video on this page, you can check it out right here on our YouTube Channel.

Four Strong Speakers…

As my second time at the helm of a panel of speakers, this year’s event definitely went a lot more smoothly, and most importantly, went completely on time (with 3 minutes to spare). We had good time keeping (thanks to Michael from MEGATechNews and his wonderful hand drawn signs) and once again, some great questions from the audience for the panelists to munch on and respond to.

I think the key to this year’s success was the fact that although we had four very strong speakers, not one singular one was able to steal the show without challenge. I really enjoyed how everyone played off one another, adding to each and every section of the discussion in a meaningful way. The interplay between Dennis Pang (ASUS), Steve Sung (NVIDIA), the Crazy Russian (NCIX), and our very own Eric Garay, made for a unique learning experience that you really can’t get anywhere else. And no one was freaked out by the fact that the entire panel was being streamed LIVE on the Twitch.TV front page.

I also have to give our very own Eric Garay special props. He’s never been on a panel in any capacity and he certainly held his own. Bravo!

Exclusive NVIDIA SHIELD Streaming Demo…


The other unique opportunity that gamers had at LANcouver was an opportunity to learn about NVIDIA’s new SHIELD which is due out tomorrow (July 31st). Floating between the ASUS booth and the Gamers Lounge, presented by Futurelooks and MEGATechNews, Steve Sung from NVIDIA gave LIVE DEMOs of the BETA PC Streaming feature and answered questions that anyone had about the new product, with hands on demos. He also gave an exclusive LIVE DEMO of the PC Streaming feature from one of Futurelooks’ own Gamers Lounge PCs (the one we built LIVE), to show off just how cool an experience PC streaming will be with a Kepler GPU.

Steve also gave the entire event a taste of PC Streaming on the SHIELD in a LIVE streaming broadcast over Twitch.TV. And yes, this was the first time this has EVER been shown off to an audience in Canada! It’s posted below…

If you’re having problems viewing the video on this page, you can check it out right here on our YouTube Channel.

LANcouver is already well known for its fun events and tournaments. But the learning component is really something that sets this LAN party apart from any other in Canada. And you can expect that when LANcouver comes back next year for 2014, Futurelooks will be there with even more opportunities for you to learn about the latest in PC Gaming and Hardware, and of course, building and taking care of your own system.

For more cool videos from LANcouver 2013, you can hit up our playlist on our YouTube Channel. See you next year!

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