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There are a number of good reasons to build your own personal computer. The one reason left out of this discussion more than anything is the “control” aspect. Everyone wants to have as much control over how their electronics work as much as possible. Fan controller software is cool, no pun intended, but there is nothing like a physical interface. The Fractal Design Adjust 108 fan controller gives me control over the fans in my PC individually. Let’s see how well it does at this task!

Features and Specifications


The Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller has a minimalistic approach in design and style. The 5.25 inch framework is steel with a brushed aluminum front bezel sporting an all black finish. Six vertical potentiometer sliders controls the 36 watts per channel for each of the fan headers.

The controller comes with six removable 60 cm (23.6 inch) fan cables pre-installed with 3-pin headers, but also works with fans that have 4-pin connectors. Each of the 6 sliders has an individual LED indicator that illuminates either blue or white. The intensity of the LED can be controlled via a jumper on the circuit board of the Adjust 108. Power is provided via a single molex or SATA connector.

As of writing this review the Fractal Design Adjust 108 is currently only available at NCIX for $36.76 which is slightly above the MSRP of $34.99. Let see what else is included in the package.

What’s in the Box?


The content of the box is very spartan, but this is to be expected with single item accessories like the Adjust 108 in this case. You will find the fan controller itself in a protective anti-static bag, instruction manual, four installation screws, 6 fan cables, and the molex/SATA cable. All of the cables for the Adjust 108 are pre-installed and also contained in the anti-static bag for additional protection.

Construction Quality – External


The Fractal Design Adjust 108 fan controller has a thick steel ‘U’ frame that does not bend at all. This is great as it avoids alignment issues during installation and shows the high level of quality.


The frame is attached to aluminum blocks behind the front bezel via two screws which also holds the circuit board in place via four smaller screws. Let’s see how well it’s made on the inside next!

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