D-Link ANT24-0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

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Last week, when we reviewed the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Router, we were blown away by its performance and its contribution to keeping our network running fast and lag free. However, there was one that we wished we could improve; the signal quality when using the built in 802.11g network cards in our notebooks. 

dlink antenna1 D Link ANT24 0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

The D-Link ANT24-0230 is an external antenna that replaces the stubbies that come stock with your DIR-655 (or DIR-660 & DIR-625) router.  It is also compatible with the DWA-552, DWA-556 & DWA-542 desktop adapters. The ANT24-0230 allows you to extend your antenna away from the router or desktop adapter, providing you with more flexible placement options.  This should, in theory, allow you to get better signal quality by allowing you to pick a better spot for your antennas.

What’s In The Box

 dlink antenna2 D Link ANT24 0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

The D-Link ANT24-0230 comes with the antenna unit itself of course and attached to it (permanently) is 1.16 meters of cabling. The ends are terminated and color coded for easy installation.  Also included are wall mounting screws and a manual.

First Impressions

 dlink antenna3 D Link ANT24 0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

The ANT24-0230 is a well made piece of equipment.  It has a nice sturdy feel and has a good weight to it so it doesn’t just flop around on your desk like a toy.  The antennas can be rotated to a certain point or pointed straight out: They cannot be replaced however.

Setting It Up

 dlink antenna4 D Link ANT24 0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

The antenna can be wall mounted with the included screws and anchors, or it works great just placed on any flat surface. When wall mounted, the black part, where the antennas are mounted, flip up or you can leave it flipped down allowing you to point the antennas straight down to the floor below you. Whether that increases your signal is another matter.

 dlink antenna5 D Link ANT24 0230 Xtreme N 2.4GHz Antenna Review

The cables are color coded and the high quality connectors screwed on easily to our DIR-655 router, taking the place of the stock antennas.  The instructions give a specific order in which to attach them. Although I can’t see why it would matter, since the cables are the same length and seemingly the same type, we followed the instructions anyway.

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