UPDATE: Our FULL REVIEW is now posted! – http://www.futurelooks.com/coolermaster-cm-storm-trooper-premium-gaming-case-review/

A lot of DIY users wonder if it’s possible to develop a gaming case using existing ideas and standards yet still feels unique. Sure you can! But only if you implement those and some new features well. The Coolermaster CM Storm Trooper offers all of this and more which we’ve unboxed for you in the video above (or directly on YouTube).

Not only does it offer standards like large CPU motherboard cut out, wire management, tooless drive storage, fan filters, fan control, peripheral security, great cooling with potential for more and water cooling support, it also adds new features along with some polishing as well. The Trooper’s vented bezel allows greater potential for cooling and integrates all of the case functions in to a very attractive top chassis configuration which includes a rubber handle rated to 95 pounds. In fact, the entire architectural top and front bezel are rubber coated. This really adds an effect to the case making it very easy to spot at the local LAN gaming events.

One other feature that really shows CoolerMaster’s ingenuity are the two direction swappable hard drive bays and bottom hidden tool tray. The case utilizes a creative chassis frame that can be changed to face the motherboard or back of the case in just a couple minutes with just four thumb screws. With room to pack over 14 drives in to the case plus the mini-4 slot SSD cage, it doesn’t lose anything.

Where can you buy it and how much? It can be found on most online retailers for $189 US which is a good price for a premium grade gaming case. Stay tuned for our FULL REVIEW with more details including cooling performance and installation notes that you’ll need to know to successfully transplant your system into this new premium gaming chassis.

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