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Not everyone needs an enormous 1000 Watt Power Supply.  I mainly use my computer for Internet, some word processing, storing my digital pictures and on special occasions, play a video game or two. Finding any reviews on any low wattage power supplies is next to impossible these days. When I was given an opportunity to write about the Zalman ZM360B-APS, which is a 360 watt power supply I took the assignment and here are my thoughts.

Zalman Technologies was founded on 1999 in Korea and has a wide product selection that caters to reducing noise in computers to 20dB. Their products range from CPU heat sink with fans, power supplies, video card cooling fans, to high end cases for your computer and Home Theatre PC’s. Let’s find out how one of their less flashy little power supplies does.


  • ATX12V Ver 2.2
  • Improved power factor and reduced harmonics through active PFC
  • High efficiency design
  • ATX “20+4” – pin Main connector
  • ATX 12V CPU(4 pin) and EPS12V CPU (8 pin) connectors
  • Dual PCI Express VGA power connectors (6 pin)
  • NMB-MAT 120mm fan
  • Dual +12VDC output
  • EZ grip connectors for ODD and HDD
  • Use of gold-plated terminals
  • Conforms to WEEE and RoHS Environmental Directives in Europe
  • Sleeved cables
  • Certified with International Safety Approval and EMC Standards

Power Supply Specifications

What’s In The Box?

The box of the Zalman ZM360B-APS did not catch my eye. Being all blue made the picture of the power supply on the front of the box almost blend into the background. The text on the box, being white, did have the contrast needed to make it easy to read the information off it which helps in the buying decision.

Once I opened the box, I found the following items:

  • Zalman ZM360b-APS power supply
  • Dual fan connector (ZM-DC1)
  • Power cord for AC power source
  • Instructions manual
  • Zalman cable ties

The Zalman cables ties were a nice surprise to see in the box. I am always going out to buy zap straps to tie up my cables in the computer. However, when I went to use these Velcro ties, they were too short. Hopefully someone at Zalman Technology’s would read this and change the length of their ties to at least a 9 inch length.  But nontheless, they were a nice touch and because you don’t have to

First Impressions

When I pulled the power supply out of the box, I could not believe that I was holding a power supply. The paint and finish on the metal of the power supply made me think that I was holding a high end computer case and not a normal power supply. The honey comb grill at the rear of the power supply added to the attractiveness of the Zalman ZB360B-APS. The large fan in the power supply and the almost flushed chrome plated wired grill made the power supply stand out.

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