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Thermal and Noise Testing

In Win Development Mini D-Frame Enclosure 35

How can we thermal or noise test the IN WIN D-Frame Mini? You really can’t right? It’s like trying to test the cooling performance or measure the noise created when installed on an open tech station. Only the components themselves will manage temps as well as the noise.

In Win Development Mini D-Frame Enclosure 40

The two systems were actually nice to be around thanks to the open air flow of the D-Frame Mini. Both systems were very quiet being only slightly noticeable when sitting close at full system load. Fan control comes in very handy. However, if you use this in a LAN party environment, where this case thrives, then the noise of the room, and the headset you are wearing, will drown out anything coming from this machine.

Final Thoughts

In Win Development Mini D-Frame Enclosure 11

The goal of any computer enclosure manufacturer is to create a design that impresses visually and offers the right features for a successful build. The IN WIN D-Frame Mini is definitely unique in design, with a small foot print, creating a compact and portable system. In fact, it’s perfect for LAN parties or similar tasks thanks to its knurled handle design. The features are kept extremely simple forgoing conventional features like tooless drive bays, or motherboard tray cut outs. Fortunately, the trays themselves, as well as the 240 mm frame are removable to make the IN WIN D-Frame Mini much more customizable.

The IN WIN D-Frame Mini does have one limitation which is lethal for a gaming system. It won’t accommodate any video card that takes up more than two PCIE slots. This was the case when trying to install a ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! Omega, so be aware when choosing your GPU.

What’s the IN WIN D-Frame Mini going to cost you? That unique high quality design requires a $350 US premium. At this price, it might be a bit much for most enthusiasts looking for a case to knock about at a LAN party. But for the extreme enthusiasts, this is a world of possibility, with multiple colors available down the road.

It’s definitely not a need at the asking price, but no one would turn one down if it just showed up. It gets our “Ultra Bling” award for those things we just can’t justify spending for, but we all want so badly.


  • Durable tubular aluminum construction
  • LAN Party friendly
  • Removable 240 mm fan/radiator frame for more versatility
  • Easily removable hard drive trays
  • Stunning looks


  • Limited to dual slot graphics cards
  • No CPU cut out
  • Premium enthusiast purchase price

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

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