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When it comes to performance computing, power is everything. Not only do you want the most powerful components, you want to make sure those components are provided with enough power to meet performance expectations. This is where power supplies that produce 1000W or more come into play. We have one such beast on the test bench today: The Toughpower 1000W power supply from Thermaltake.

The Toughpower line of power supplies is the top offering from Thermaltake. They are geared towards providing the most power to high performance systems. According to Thermaltake, they are built to be compatible with next generation NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards, as well as the top offerings from Intel and AMD. This means that these power supplies are outfitted with the latest connectors and sockets, which ensures that you aren’t left wondering whether or not you’ll have the right connections for your system.

The 1000W W0132RU model we are looking today is second only to the top dog 1200W model. This quadruple digit monster sports the same features found across the whole Toughpower line which include modular cables, multiple power rails, and a huge cooling fan. The unit is touted to support quad core processors from both Intel and AMD, as well as up to four video cards, with separate rails for each card. Here’s a rundown of the most interesting features.

  • Stable 1000W continuous output (at 50°C operating environment)
  • Four independent & dedicated +12V rails (12V1, 12V2, 12V3, 12V4) provides superior performance for PC system.
  • NEW! Three 8-pin and three 6-pin PCIe connectors design supports Multi-GPU Graphic card.
  • Supports Dual Core CPU / Quad Core CPU / Nvidia SLI & Quad SLI and all Multi-Core GPU technologies.
  • Modularized Cable Management to eliminate clutter and improve airflow inside the case.
  • Independent Voltage Circuit: offers unflappable current delivery under heavy load.
  • Strict voltage regulation (±3%): provides steady voltage for system.
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PF > 0.99) and high efficiency (up to 87%).
  • Industrial grade components (capacitor, transformer, etc)
  • High reliability: MTBF > 120,000 hours.
  • Quiet and reliable 14cm ball-bearing fan.
  • Protections: Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Over Power, and Short-Circuit protection.
  • Safety / EMI Approvals: CE, CB, TUV, FCC, UL, CUL, and BSMI certified.

The short list of features has some interesting points. The voltage regulation specs combined with the the mention of multiple rails begs for some torture testing. Also I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s any variances in voltage while running my SLI rig under load. As for noise, this power supply will be tested in the previously reviewed Antec P182, so seeing if the Toughpower adds noise to that already quiet case will be something in need of testing. Full specifications can of course be found on the Toughpower 1000W product page.

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