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As more people ditch their desktop computers in favor of laptops, more manufacturers are jumping into the lucrative market of laptop cooling. We’ve already seen some formidable passive laptop cooling solutions, but what about ones that actually contain a cooling fan? Jetart Technology has provided us with a pair of notebook cooling devices and the results have been fairly impressive.


JetArt manufactures all sorts of cooling products including AMD & Intel CPU Coolers, Chip Coolers, HDD Coolers, System Coolers, Case Fans, DC Fans, LED Fans, Heatsinks, Chip Cooling Kits, and Watercooling Systems. Of course, they also manufacture a series of laptop coolers. Today we’ll be looking at two of their products: The Jetart NP8000 Portable Mini Notebook Cooler and the Jetart NC5000 Cool Stand Notebook Cooler. Let’s have a closer look at each item.

Jetart NP8000 Portable Mini Notebook Cooler


Measuring 12.5-inches across, 4-inches deep, and about 0.75-inches thick, the Jetart NP8000 Portable Mini Notebook Cooler is designed to be taken everywhere your laptop goes. It’s kind of a strange design, I found, because it does not cover the entire underbelly of your notebook computer. Instead, you flip up the two pegs on the top side to reveal a pair of rubber feet. These prop the bottom of your notebook slightly above the surface of the Jetart cooling device.


In addition to providing you with a powered fan — which draws ts required 0.75 watts of juice from an available USB port — the NP8000 also helps you raise the keyboard angle on your laptop to a more comfortable and ergonomic angle. This is a very nice feature, especially if you plan on doing a fair bit of typing on the go. Naturally, you will need some sort of surface, like a table or desk, to place this notebook cooler.

Because there is a fan blowing cold air directly onto the underside of your laptop, an area that is prone to get quite warm from whirring hard drives and running mobile processors, this Jetart product does a fairly good job at keeping the temperature down. I did find the the choice of plastic used, however, felt quite cheap to the touch. It’s a very thin plastic and I fear that it would be easily cracked under pressure. If this product was foldable for extra portability, that would be an added plus as well.


I should note that the sizing of the NP8000 was perfect for my 14.1-inch widescreen Dell 640m. The width is nearly identical, but this device should be fine for slightly smaller and slightly larger laptops. As you can see from the picture, the flip-up rubber feet are only about one inch from each edge. I’d imagine that the fitment and usability with a 12.1-inch laptop might not be so good.

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