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The two versions are fundamentally identical, coming in at quite a bit thicker than the LapWorks Futura described above. That’s because these LapDesks come with all sorts of heat insulation technology. In this way, the sky high temperatures of your notebook will not be translated over to your lap, ensuring that you can stay reasonably comfortable for hours at a time. These are the only LapDesks with Aspen Aerogels insulation. This is supposed to provide up to 99.9% reduction in heat transfer!

While the design of the LapLogic Aerogel Extreme led me to believe that it contains useful pockets for storing flash drives and other periphernalia, the only part that could be used with a small clear pocket on the underside. You can stuff a DVD in there if you’d like, but don’t expect any additional utility from these LapDesks. It’s also unfortunate that you can’t fold it up for easy storage and portability.

The Aerogel technology is going to cost you too. The standard G800 Aerogel Extreme retails for $69.95, whereas the W800 Aerogel Extreme Wide — which uses its extra width to provide a very usable mouse pad — rings in at $79.95.

Targus Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection

You don’t plan on bringing your giant Monster Cable surge-protecting power bar with you on the road, do you? Targus is able to provide nearly the same utility in a much more compact package. The Targus Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection is a smaller version of your regular power bar and, as its name implies, it offers full surge protection for all of your precious electronics.

Also known by its incredibly boring model number (APS03US), the Targus Travel Power Outlets comes with four usable power outlets. The nifty thing is that the plug that you will actually insert into a wall outlet stows away handily into the power outlet at the other end of the power bar. Coupled with a simple Velcro strap across the center, this makes the Targus creation very easy to pack up for travel.

The four provided outlets are well spaced out — two in the front, one in the back, one at the end — making sure that you will avoid any messy tangles. This spacing also means that if you have any chargers with beefy ends, they won’t block any additional outlets. It’s no power squid, but it could be just as good.

The Target Travel Power Outlets with Surge Protection retails for a reasonable $19.99.

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