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Software Features

The StealthSurfer software package consists of the following 6 pieces of software:

MojoPac Deluxe software – The heart of the StealthSurfer software package, the MojoPac Deluxe software enables you to creates your own private and personal portable computing environment using the host computer’s operating system.  With MojoPac you will be able to take your programs and files with you from computer to computer. 

Tor Software – Tor software will give you complete network security by hiding and masking your IP address through a number of anonymous proxy servers.

Hushmail Premium – Hushmail provides a web based email solution that encrypts all your email online keeping it private and secure. There is no cost to use Hushmail premium for up to 4 years when purchased with the StealthSurfer .

RoboForm PRO software– RoboForm keeps track of all your User ID’s and passwords for those people that always seem to forget their user name and password. With one click, you can have your forms filled in on your websites that require authenticated login.

Firefox – Yes, this is the uber popular free web browser is included with the StealthSurfer bundle.

Thunderbird – Thunderbird is software that enables you portable secure E-Mail access from any computer with the StealthSurfer software package.

Overall, it’s pretty much everything that you would need on the road, though it would have been nice to see some office software, like Open Office.

System Requirements

Before you get to surfing stealthily, The MojoPac software has some clearly defined system requirements. Here’s the “Coles Notes” version:

  • Windows XP (32-bit version ONLY) Home/Pro (sp1, sp2)
  • Media Center Edition (2003, 2005)
  • Tablet PC

If you’re looking to use it on a MAC, LINUX, or even a Windows Vista system, you’re pretty much out of luck for now. There are additional requirements and stipulations for proper functionality found at the StealthSurfer Website so make sure you have a look before purchasing. But basically, if it’s not WindowsXP, it’s not going to work right, or at all, which somewhat limits this device’s potential deployment points.

The Setup

The software package that needs to get setup first is the MojoPac software; the heart of the StealthSurfer bundle. To make a long story short, I found out the hard way that you need an internet connection when setting up the MojoPac software.  If you don’t have an internet connection, and try to setup the MojoPac software, you will likely get the CK465 Error Code referencing you to the MojoPac website for further information.

Stealth Surfer

The funny think is, I really didn’t find much help on the MojoPac website as to what this CK465 Error Code was and how to fix it.  What was even more frustrating was any access to support or forums on MojoPac required you to log in and create an account. I did this and still no help on the error. What a piss off! If I wasn’t reviewing this product, I probably would have said F*&K It and returned the product.

Luckily there was one sentence in the press kit that directed me to this webpage in the event that I had any questions about the StealthSurfer. Funny as it sounds and in retrospect, I am glad the CK465 error occurred when it did as it forced me to read through the instructions. The fix was relatively easy as all I had to do was download a patch to remedy the CK465 error. However, this should have been on the MojoPac website as I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to encounter this.

The Software

Although the StealthSurfer software comes on an OCZ Rally 2 USB 2.0 Drive, you can transfer this software package to any equivalent High Speed USB2.0 compliant storage device. I would recommend that whatever USB2.0 compliant storage device you use, make sure that the performance is equal to or greater than that of the OCZ Rally 2, which is quite a fast drive in its own right.

Of all the software in the package, the two most important pieces are the MojoPac and Tor software. Essentially what the MojoPac software does, is create a virtual desktop/profile that is run off of the USB drive and not the hard drive of the host computer. This is the main reason why the drive needs to be fast and the host PC needs to have a USB 2.0 connection. USB 1.1 is far to slow. The MojoPac software enables you to toggle between the “host” environment (the actual computer you are using) or the StealthSurfer / USB Flash Drive environment.

Stealth Surfer 

As you can see above, the MojoPac environment looks very much like any standard desktop. From it, I launched a few websites using the included FireFox browser and took note of the cookies and temporary internet files that were logged, and then I switched back to the host environment and checked the cookies and temporary internet files on the host. There were no traces of the websites on the host computer that I surfed to in the StealthSurfer environment as everything is stored on the drive.

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