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First Impressions


The shiny paint job of the SC-HMX10A makes the soft bag that it comes with a wonderful companion for wiping off those fingerprints. The rounded shape and relatively small size make it comfortable to hold while the swivel grip provides for different positions so you can exercise that inner “Spielberg”.


The back of the unit gives you access to all the main controls which include main power, recording, mode switching (from video to photo to playback) and the dummy mode called “EasyQ” which locks out advanced settings. Also in the back is the plugin for power and a microphone jack.


Heading topside, we see the main zoom toggle and the shutter button for when the camcorder is in photo mode.  The black panel to the right of the gray strip slides open to reveal the battery compartment and SD expansion card slot.

The screen itself is also flanked by a number of buttons which include another record button, another wide to zoom button, and a “Q. Menu” button that allows quick access to the manual functions of the camcorder like white balance, manual focus, and exposure.


Underneath the screen, and hidden behind a protective plastic cover are the HDMI, component video, and USB connection. There is also a screen brightness and screen information toggle button. Nestled between the HDMI and component button is the master reset switch, which will get your SC-HMX10A back to factory defaults in case you screw something up.

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