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Impressions Continued


I was pleased to see that Samsung didn’t cheap out and used a real metal tripod insert. However, what displeased me on the bottom side was the fact that the docking port is left fully exposed. One drop in a buddle, and you can say good bye to being able to use the cradle again.


The remote control is a useful size. What I mean by useful is the fact that it isn’t so tiny that you can’t get your fingers on the right buttons, and not so big that you can’t put it in your pocket comfortably.


Samsung outfits the SC-HMX10A with a lens that gives you a 10x optical zoom (20X digital) with an f/stop range of 1.8 – 3.3, which should give it good performance in lower light conditions. There is also a built in lens cover that is accessible on the barrel of the lens. If you forget to open it up, the LCD will warn you that you need to open it.

Setting It Up


As far as setup goes, the only assembly that you need to do is to plug the cables into the cradle (if you choose to use it), pop the batteries in the SC-HMX10A and the remote control, and give the it a charge overnight. On the software side, since the SC-HMX10A recordes in AVCHD, I recommend that you install the included Cyberlink software. I’m not a fan of a lot of the bundled software that comes with most devices and tend to use my own stuff. However, after trying everything else, and not having much luck, I installed the bundled Cyberlink PowerProducer and PowerDirector software and was very surprised at how well it actually works. Let’s get going and find out how the SC-HMX10A performs in the real world.

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