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Picture Quality

Here’s where I got disappointed. Despite the promise of delivering pictures with “no distortion” and “high speed decoding”, the image quality on the Rosewill RDF-670B is quite mediocre at best. If you’re hoping to have pictures look as good as they do on your computer monitor, you’re in for a major letdown.


The colors just seem off and there’s no options in the setup to adjust for things like contrast and color saturation. The resolution also isn’t the best and you can sometimes see the jagged edges of the pixels. This is regardless of whether you load up a picture that is actually 480 pixels wide or one that is much larger.

As sad as it sounds, the picture quality seemed to improve marginally when I dialed the brightness almost down to its lowest level. Even then, you will not get quality remotely close to a standard 4×6 print. This might explain the slow adoption of digital picture frames or makes a really good case for spending more money on a higher end frame.

The Conclusion

Rosewill RDF-670B Digital Picture Frame Review

I’ll admit that I didn’t have the highest hopes for the Rosewill RDF-670B digital picture frame. When I opened the less than fantastic packaging, I was surprisingly impressed with the look of the actual frame. The dark wood motif is quite attractive and while I would have liked a larger display with a more conventional aspect ratio, the appearance “worked.”

The three-in-one card reader along with the USB adapter cable add a lot of versatility. While I’m not a fan of how the user interface looks, it functions perfectly fine, as do the physical buttons on the frame and the wireless remote. The understated elegance and usability are definitely a plus.

However, when the picture quality is as poor as this, nothing else matters. It’s grainy, the color saturation appears to be quite high, and there’s no smoothness to the pictures. It’s hard to recommend a product that’s supposed to display your family memories, when grandma is going to look like an artificial mess of grainy goop.┬áIt looks like digital photo labs will be around for just a little while longer.


  • Good size and elegant construction
  • Very versatile expansion possibilities
  • User interface is intuitive easy to use
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Photos are over-saturated
  • Strange aspect ratio
  • Feels cheap
  • Poor image quality destroys product’s appeal

Overall Rating: 6.5 / 10.0

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