The BCITSA LAN parties have always been our favourite events to support, ever since we attended our first one, back in the Spring of 2012. After that, we were hooked, attending the Fall event, and every one since then!

Whether it’s the Spring or the Fall event, the attendees are always awesome, and really glad that you came out to support them. When Futurelooks and our sister Site, MEGATechNews, roll in with the prizes and cool demo systems, supported by great sponsors, we’re always greeted with enthusiasm and smiles. This is an event worth supporting, and we’re so glad it’s grown from around 60’ish bodies at our first event, to over 150 pre-registered gamers, at this past Friday’s event on October 24th at the BCIT Burnaby Campus, in Burnaby, BC Canada!

Futurelooks and Friends Show Gamers a Great Time


This Fall, we were joined by our sister site, MEGATechNews, and our favourite “Full Spectrum Gaming Event” organizers from GottaCon. The GottaCon Team, who just started their ticket sales this week, and are on pace to kill all past attendance records over last year, were on hand to show people the joy of board games. That’s just one of many things that gamers will find at Western Canada’s biggest event of its kind, based in Victoria, BC Canada. If you’re free this February 27/Mar 1/2 2015, you’ll want to book the weekend off to check out this event.


Futurelooks and MEGATechNews presented gamers with a chance to play on some of the latest PC gaming hardware, including G1.Gaming 5 mini ITX and ATX Z97 motherboards provided by GIGABYTE, along with cooling solutions from be quiet!, cases from In Win and Thermaltake, and memory/SSDs from Kingston HyperX.


We also gave gamers a taste of what gaming audio should sound like with Creative Labs Sound Blaster audio cards and their latest headsets, including the top end ZxR Audio Card, the external USB Omni 5.1, and plugged them into their Tactic Rage and their brand new Inferno headset. Peripheral duties were handled by keyboards and mice from SteelSeries.

MEGATechNews also demo’d Creative’s new E1 headphone amplifier, Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker, and T15WS speakers (which was surprisingly loud and clear despite being fairly compact for a 2.1 system).

With so much great PC DIY hardware, and excellent peripherals, gamers got a taste of what a great gaming rig should run like. Most importantly, we stressed that anyone can build a gaming rig themselves, and how rewarding the experience can be when you fire it up for the first time. With great products from all the supporting sponsors, there’s inspiration to be found no matter where you looked, inside our “Gamer Lounge”.

Great Prizes from Great Sponsors


GIGABYTE and Creative Labs led the way with prizing. GIGABYTE provided a number of T-shirts and hats which whipped the room into a frenzy as gamers climbed over each other to claim one of many G1.Gaming T-shirts that we threw out there. Creative Labs was also very generous with a trio of giveaways which included their brand new Inferno Gaming Headset, their E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier, and their Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Futurelooks also reached into the war chest with a selection of gaming mouse pads and a very shiny Kingston HyperX 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive. Someone also walked away with a be quiet! Dark Rock 2 CPU cooler, which was added to our prize box at the last minute, thanks to be quiet!

See You at the 2015 Spring BCITSA LAN Party


And that brings us to the close of another amazing gaming experience at yet another BCITSA LAN Party.  We’re totally looking forward to an even more successful Spring 2015 event, and hope to bring even more sponsors back, so that we get to show off more cool PC gaming hardware and peripherals, and most importantly, have more prizes to give away. Special thanks to Creative Labs (Sound Blaster) and GIGABYTE for great prizes, and for supporting our efforts in the community.

For more photos, check out the following galleries. We’ll see you at the next one!

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