It feels strange receiving a press release from the folks at Seagate for a couple of new Samsung portable hard drives, but we have to remember that Samsung HDD is now a division of Seagate Technology. In this newest announcement, we are being introduced to the new 4TB M3 Portable and the P3 Portable external hard drives.

What makes these drives unique is that they are the world’s first 4TB single drive solutions that are USB-powered and come in 2.5-inch enclosures.

That sounds pretty specific, but the long and short of it is that you can pack an incredible 4TB of storage in your pocket without having to deal with an external power source. Because the M3 Portable and P3 Portable are single drive solutions, they’re far less bulky than the multi-drive internal designs. The 4TB models are only 1/10 of an inch thicker than the 2TB equivalent. And yes, they’re USB 3.0 for faster data transfers too.

Expect both drives from Samsung HDD to launch later this month at a price yet to be determined.

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Samsung HDD Announces the Thinnest and Lightest Weight 4TB External Hard Drives in the World

Ideal mobile storage solution gives customers high capacity and sleek design

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Samsung HDD, a division of Seagate Technology, today announced 4TB M3 Portable and the P3 Portable external hard drives, which are the first 4TB USB-powered single drive solutions to come in 2.5” cases in the world.

“Previously only attainable in desktop or bulky multi-drive internal designs, we can now achieve a 4TB capacity in a compact drive thanks to the latest Samsung HDD technology,” said Dave Klenske, director of product line management, Samsung HDD. “By going to a single drive solution, we can power the drive through just a USB connection while fitting it into a case that is only a 1/10 of an inch thicker than our 2TB drive. They are the perfect lightweight drives for notebook computer owners who need to access media collections too large to fit on traditional internal storage options.”

The 4TB Samsung® M3 Portable and the Samsung® P3 Portable drives measure 0.78 inches thin and weigh only 8.3 ounces and operate at USB 3.0 speeds without requiring any external power supplies.

“The Spinpoint™ M10P 4TB hard drive enables this innovation with the highest aerial density, 800GB per disk in the world,” said Doug DeHaan, general manager, Samsung HDD division. “With consumer demand for external storage capacity continuing to grow, the P3 and M3 4TB answer the increasing appetite for storage and are positioned to lead future capacity needs from the mobile market.”


The Samsung® 4TB M3 and MP Portable hard drives will be available in late June through authorized distributors. Learn more at

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