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The Lapworks Futura Briefly…

Lapworks’ Futura is not cool to the touch. Instead, it is constructed of some semi-rugged plastic that has a slightly grippy texture to it. Through the laptop stand are a series of rubber patches that are designed to hold your laptop in place, preventing some accidental slippage which would otherwise prove to be quite costly. There’s not very much in terms of actual technology here, other than the fact that the LapWorks Futura has a series of “vents” cut into it, allowing air to flow freely. This should help to cool the laptop simply by letting some air circulate on its underside.

What makes the Futura Notebook Stand particularly handy, however, is its dual personality. If you open it completely, it transforms into a sort of tray that you can place your laptop on, and the Futura on to of your lap.

There’s not exactly any room for you to put your mouse, but it does create for some separation between your notebook and your lap. Lapworks is working on an attachment that will allow you mousing joy in the very near future however. You may still experience some heat dissipating from your computer, but it’s certainly better than having your laptop directly on top of your thighs. The other thing that this configuration allows you to do is rest your laptop on your legs without having to squeeze your thighs together to get your laptop to stay put.  This allows you some freedom to wave your cellphone around in one hand and your coffee in the other.

The second form factor that the Futura can take is that of a notebook stand. When folded, there is a kickstand-like piece of plastic in the backside that props the top up. This, of course, is meant for use on a table or desk, elevating the notebook display to a more comfortable level, while at the same time putting the keyboard on an angle for more comfortable typing. This also ensures that some air can flow through the underside of the laptop. Two personalities, two functions, one product.

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