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Measuring Temps Inside Hades

Testing is pretty simple. We took temperature readings inside the case while operating this gaming system at full load running things like Unigine 3D Heaven Demo and OCCT looping for at about half an hour. Then, we took noise measurements from the front, back, and sides of the case to round out our performance measurements.

Temperature Readings

Here’s what we got for temperatures and that’s not bad at all. It was kind of expected seeing that the case doesn’t come with a fan controller. So that means the fans are spinning pretty much full speed at all times. For those interested, adding a fifth cooling fan up top helped drop internal temps by only 2 two more degrees but it does help.

Noise Levels

As for noise, I was expecting a lot more noise. The noise level meter recorded a maximum of 26dB which was loudest up top and to the back. The side fan was relatively quieter mainly due to how little it actually has to spin to move large amounts of air.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see the NZXT Hades take a good step forward in internal case aesthetics by offering a solid black internal chassis paint j0b. It also goes a long way to compliment the outward case design. Unfortunately, you can’t go by NZXT’s website pictures which don’t do the Hades any favors or properly depict its actual characteristics. Aside from the issue of the missing/too short screws, which we’re sure NZXT will correct in future shipments, the enclosure was a pleasure to work with and the front red LED fan wasn’t obtrusive at all.

The Hades enclosure does a great job of balancing cooling and fan noise. It will easily take the looks of your computer to the next level no matter what its purpose might be. But of course, gaming is where it’s at.

The NZXT Hades is a nice light-weight case with an excellent design and all black paint job that can be found for $90 to $100 online. That makes it a very good choice for the gamer looking for something unique without breaking the bank. The Hades case is definitely hot and for this price, a really great value.


  • Interesting bezel and panel design
  • Black chassis inside and out is HOT!
  • Ample cooling without the noise
  • Fan and bezel filters
  • Great cable management
  • CPU cut out for easy cooler installs
  • Lightweight for a steel chassis but still high quality


  • The design may not suit everyone
  • One empty fan slot seems a little incomplete
  • Proper hard drive screws need to be included
  • White cooling fans very visible from the outside

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10.0

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