The GeForce GTX 950 is typically the answer for those looking for graphics performance on a budget, but MSI is taking a different lane with their GTX 950 based cards. With the introduction of the GTX 950 Gaming 2G and the Armor2X cards, MSI is specifically targeting the MOBA player looking for an inexpensive upgrade.

MSI is billing the GTX 950 GAMING 2G as a card perfect for 1080p and MOBA games such as DOTA2 and League of Legends. The card features MSI’s Twin Frozr V cooler, which delivers a silent gaming experience. This cooler provides a smaller than 2-slot design, and features twin 10cm fans. To further the customizability of the card, MSI offers the MSI GAMING App. This tool allows you to quickly switch between OC, Gaming and Silent modes.


That’s not all on offer from MSI though. MSI is also announcing the Armor2x models. These cards are overclocked from the factory, and feature an eye-catching black & white cooler to match their Krait series of motherboards.

The announcement doesn’t include any mention of availability and pricing, so keep an eye on your favourite retailer. You can check out the press release below for more info.

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MSI introduces GTX 950 graphics cards

Ideal for 1080p and MOBA gaming

MSI is pleased to announce the latest additions to its next generation GAMING graphics cards lineup. The new MSI GTX 950 graphics cards are powered by NVIDIA’s latest GM206 Maxwell GPU, which fully supports the new DirectX 12 that comes with Windows 10.

The MSI GTX 950 GAMING 2G features the famous Twin Frozr V cooler, delivering a supremely silent gaming experience with Zero Frozr technology and Torx Fan design. The MSI GTX 950 GAMING 2G is the perfect card for 1080p and MOBA games such as DOTA2 and League of Legends.

Besides the revered GAMING series, MSI also provides factory overclocked Armor2X models featuring the striking Black & White cooler to match the design of MSI’s Krait series motherboards. MSI also ads in system integrator OC Edition models with higher clock speeds and reference exhaust fans, catering to the needs of a wide audience.

Twin Frozr V Thermal Design
The famous MSI Twin Frozr V Thermal Design is the pinnacle of graphics card air cooling. With a smaller than 2-slot design, the Twin Frozr V is able to surpass previous generations by a large margin. The twin 10cm Torx fans ensure huge amounts of silent airflow and visually match the bold look of the Twin Frozr V and other MSI GAMING products. The heatsink is re-organized through the SU-design which increases heat-pipe efficiency, especially when combined with Airflow Control Technology. Hybrid Frozr is a throwback to 2008 when MSI was the first to market high-end, zero noise graphics cards thanks to fans that stop spinning in low-temperature situations.

With the addition of the GTX 950 GAMING 2G to the next generation of MSI GAMING graphics cards, MSI is levelling-up the PC gaming experience. The MSI GAMING App allows gamers to quickly switch between OC, Gaming and Silent modes, depending on their needs. Now featuring the EyeRest tab, which offers quick access to specific monitor color profiles for games, movies and a special EyeRest mode which reduces blue light for less strain during nightly gaming sessions. Also featuring the LED control tab, allowing gamers to choose from 5 unique lighting modes to set the right ambience for their gaming moments with just one click.

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For a limited time, buying a GTX 950 GAMING 2G graphics card will include a voucher for the new Final Fantasy Type-0 game.

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