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Metro: Last Light

MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinFrozr II Video Card 21

Metro has so much going on at once, it eats up GPUs during the action. Keep in mind these are very high settings. Turning them down a bit or eliminating sampling can bring up another 14 frames or so which means a much more playable experience.

Assassin’s Creed III

MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinFrozr II Video Card 22

AC3 is just a bit more detailed a game than many others. All those textures bring a lot of cards to their knees especially with maxed settings. The demo run is still relatively smooth as well as playable.

Battlefield 3 – Stock and Overclocked

MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinFrozr II Video Card 24

Our sample card was only capable of +84 MHz GPU and +240 MHz memory frequencies. This is much less than NVIDIA’s note of reaching or topping 1250 MHz in their own overclocking of the base GTX 750. In the end, the card renders only a couple more frames. Otherwise, the card plays BF4 pretty well by default. It doesn’t drop too often enough to frustrate which is all that matters.

Noisy or Quiet Card?

The noise level depends on the GPU load of course. At stock idle, the card generates a mere 16 dB at the most. Gaming increases to about 24dB but didn’t seem to really get much louder. The more intensive game play sessions reach about 30dB on the average. That’s not bad at all considering that computer cases block about 10dB which means you won’t hear much.

Final Thoughts

MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinFrozr II Video Card 8

The MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinForzr II is a very inexpensive video card, but you get a lot. Sure,¬†you have to sacrifice certain GPU resource features like memory bandwidth, bit-rate, CUDA cores, and sometimes accessories like games, but that’s doesn’t seem to hobble it. This MSI card does not sacrifice stability or managing temps well without too much noise, and you do get a taste of NVIDIA’s latest generation Maxwell architecture at an entry level price. Because of its low heat, low power draw, and relative silence, you may not even know the card is working inside a decent computer case.

In terms of gaming performance, it’s going to depend on the resolution selected and texture settings checked. Especially when you’re talking about newer games. Using medium game settings, Crysis 3, Assassin’s Creed III, and even Metro Last Light will be decently playable at 1080p. Using higher game settings will push the card down just a bit too far, in our opinion. However, lowering or turning off tessellation will help greatly. Either way, I found using medium settings with tessellation the sweet spot and more than acceptable.

If you’re looking for a smart buy without sacrificing a good gaming experience, the MSI GTX 750 Ti OC TwinFrozr II is definitely for you. And at only $145 US/CA at most major retailers, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make this upgrade to any system, at any price point, that will see gaming duty.


  • Very attractive design
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Respectably low fan noise
  • Good card for 1080p medium game settings
  • Still capable of DX11 tessellation with medium settings
  • Great bang for the buck at $145!


  • Struggles with 1080p higher game settings
  • Doesn’t overclock more (though it is already OC’d).

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

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