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We’re going mobile! No longer do you need to feel restricted to a desk in the corner of your house, because just about anything you’d be able to do on a desktop computer, you can probably achieve at the coffee shop with your laptop. Lugging around a webcam and a mouse to accompany your notebook used to be quite the chore, but with the Microsoft Mobility Pack, that desktop experience is captured in a package that’ll fit in your pants pocket.

It’s Microsoft, so you can have some assurance that the build quality will be among the best in the business. Based on my experience with the provided Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 and the Microsoft Lifecam NX-6000 webcam, I’m quite impressed with this mobile communications solution. It’s all so easy to set up and to use.

What’s In the Microsoft Mobility Pack


Microsoft is marketing the Mobility Pack as an all-in-one mobile solution. Honestly, I was much more interested in the webcam than I was in the mouse, seeing how there are much better versions of the latter available. I personally prefer something like the Logitech MX Revolution or the VX Revolution, but this mouse is a lot more compact and easy to transport. Anyways, here’s what you get as part of the ~$100 package.

  • Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000
  • Lifecam NX-6000 Webcam
  • Standard documentation
  • Webcam carrying case
  • One AA alkaline battery for the mouse
  • Installation CDs

Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000


The wireless laser mouse is pretty much what you would expect it to be. It’s much more compact than the full-sized mouse that you probably use on a desktop computer, but this is in an effort to be as portable as possible. You can gauge its proportions based on the images provided throughout this review. Thankfully, the mouse does offer more than the standard two-button interface.

The scroll wheel in the center has a very soft feel to it, almost like the wheel has been wrapped in some sort of gel. Vertical scrolling does not have any of the line “clicks” that you may get with other mice, instead going with a smooth continuous motion paired with slight rubbery resistance. You can also scroll horizontally by tilting the wheel. On the left side of the mouse is a single button that activates the Magnifier function.

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