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Bottoms Up!


Flipping the mouse over to its underside, you’ll discover the Microsoft High Definition Laser. They promise that this laser is more precise and offers better responsiveness than some of its competitors. I was able to use the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 on a variety of surfaces, including a leather couch. The physical size of the mouse, however, made it awkward to grasp for extended sessions, so I would not recommend the mouse to an avid computer gamer.


You’ll also notice from the underside that there is a definite indentation where you can fit the provided USB wireless receiver. This is supposed to preserve battery life. That’s because on the inner edge of the indentation is a push-in tab. If the receiver is in place, the tab is pushed in and the mouse turns off. Handy. I would have liked if the receiver sat flush with the bottom of the mouse, but it’s not a huge deal, seeing how small the mouse is overall.


Power comes by way of a single AA battery. An Energizer battery is provided as part of the package and you insert the battery through a slide-out holder in the base of the mouse. The spec sheet calls for a 6+ month battery life, but that’s probably wishful thinking from Microsoft. Reception was fairly strong and I had no breaks in the connection. Having wireless freedom, especially with a notebook, is a definite plus.

The ergonomic design is kind of a moot point, considering the size of the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000. I did appreciate the slight rubber grips on either side of the mouse and they claim that it is comfortable in either hand. This is mostly true with the exception of the third “magnifier button.” Lefties might find it awkward using the ring or pinky finger to access this button.

Overall, this mouse has been designed reasonably well with a fair number of features above bargain basement offerings, but the smaller size can prove to be uncomfortable after a while. I also found the choice of materials was a touch on the cheap side, but you get what you pay for. For the same price as the entire Mobility Pack, you can barely afford to buy just the Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse.

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