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CDM is pretty brutal when it comes to data compression tests. After running three tests each, we got a pretty good idea just how the SSDs handle sequential and especially 4K block performance.

Sequential performance is close between most of the SSDs with the exception of the Force GT. However, the V+200 stretches further in the 512K and 4K write compression test. This means the SSD should make more efficient use of the system during data intensive tasks. Let’s find out more in the next test.


For this test, PCMark7 was executed three times using default settings to get an average score. This is about as good a real world reveal as any because the SSDs are the only large variable that affect the test system’s performance.

The surprise here is that the V+200 falls between the asynchronous and synchronous SSDs in overall system performance. Given the strong performance, it kind of makes me want to opt for the cheaper V+200 till the premium SSDs comes down in price.


ATTO typically helps any SSD produce some impressive numbers compared to platter hard drives. High IO data performance goes hand in hand with system performance. For a better comparison as to how an SSD’s controller affects IO performance, the Kingston HyperX, Patriot Memory Wildfire were added. Let’s have a look at the results for the four SSDs in a overlapped IO test. Remember, these drives are weighted down with plenty of data.

The surprise here is how well the V+200 does in the IO output. It actually outpaces the other SSDs. Keep in mind that like RAM modules, NAND can be optimized to better support the controller. Whatever tuning Kingston is giving to the Intel 25nm NAND inside, it’s working!

Final Thoughts

Kingston designed this as a professional series asynchronous SSD for users who want a little more performance without paying the full price that accompanies asynchronous SSD. This saves users anywhere from $75 to $100 depending on the commodity price of the NAND at the time of assembly. This also gives Kingston and its retailers a little more room to bargain as more SSDs hit the shelves. Plus, this is the easiest enterprise upgrade you can add that greatly improves overall system performance. Businesses that encrypt their data or rely heavily on fast rendering times of files, will immediately see benefit by reducing the hours spent on a project.

At present, the Kingston 120GB SSDNow V+200 is the fastest asynchronous SSD available. We hope that other companies rise to the occasion as well so that more consumers can enjoy the benefits of SSDs. Its performance falls more towards the premium SSD side without the cost to match. And, it offers the best comprehensive upgrade bundle of any SSD. Users get everything needed to get started on any desktop or laptop. The Acronis software comes in really handy and will save you time from having to completely start Windows over.

Factoring in an MSRP of $179.99 and dropping, the Kingston V+200 wins our Editor’s Choice for being the fastest asynchronous SSD that a “little less” money can buy.


  • Fast asynchronous performance
  • Very good bundle and accessories
  • Good overall value
  • Acronis Cloning Software incuded for quick migration


  • Larger capacities are still a bit on the spendy side

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10.0

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