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Setup and Test Configuration Evaluation

GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Gaming Headset 2

For full audio control, users need to download the EROS application from the headset webpage. Unfortunately, Norton detected some files as WS.Reputation.1 risks though not viruses. Obviously, GAMDIAS needs to clean up some code. Otherwise, simply plug the headset in an available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. Out of five motherboards tested, Windows actually wouldn’t properly detect the headset on every USB port. This is a known USB driver issue with Windows 7 and 8 that can often fool users in to thinking their headset is faulty. Rebooting your system is most likely the answer.

I tested the EROS headset with Diablo III and Reaper of Souls, Battlefield 4, Starcraft 2, a couple HD movies, and every genre of music (classical, club, trance, rock, cinematic, and composition). Each step was evaluated with and without an equalizer, as well as with and without bass boost.

Scoring Results

Proper headsets need to have a good comfortable design (ear cups and head bands), be made with good quality materials, produce good audio performance, come with great features (noise cancelling, controller, etc.) and offer an eye pleasing presentation. With that in mind, each segment is scored 1 through 10 (10 being best). Scores are relative to the headsets we are comparing against.

GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Gaming Headset 1

The EROS sounds good with and without any EQ assistance. While it didn’t quite sound like anything that was a 7.1 channel, the stereo result is quite nice. In fact, using EQ and bass boost settings, the headset sounds even better while remaining clear throughout the volume levels. All this said, RPG and MMO gamers will most likely find basic configuration plenty and action gamers will relish the EQ and bass boost.

The comfort of the EROS had some mixed feelings. While the headset uses very lightweight plastics and plush padding, the shape of the cups and frame actually put more pressure on my ears rather than the headband. I would say the weight distribution is about 60 (ears) and 40 (head). My limit was just over two hours. This means youthful heads will no doubt last longer.

Overall, the headset held its own in this tough field, scoring its way close to the top overall.

Final Thoughts

GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Gaming Headset 10

The GAMDIAS EROS gaming headset is a surprisingly decent stereo headset. The 40mm drivers help create a rich stereo surround experience. Without a capable inline 7.1 codec, the best you can get is high quality stereo surround output. I was especially pleased that the headset supports bass boost without any noticeable distortion which gives it a better range of supporting many different kinds of games. The EROS is also very easy to setup which is all too often an overlooked feature.

There were a couple of minor annoyances. Despite the advertised features, at no point did the headset create a noticeable 7.1 simulated experience nor any vibration, which was kind of a let down. We know the flagship headset creates vibration, so perhaps it was editing oversight. Either way, if you’re going to market a feature, it had better have it. Also, the red LED backlit inline controller doesn’t indicate when your mic or speakers are muted. You’ll have to rely on Windows to show you, which isn’t easy to spot of course. We gamers like our indicators to save time and troubleshooting.

Compared to the Thermaltake Cronos, Turtlebeach EarForce, or Corsair Raptor HS40 headests, I like the GAMDIAS EROS audio more. Like most any enthusiast, what sells it for me is that the EROS offers a clear stereo experience, decent comfort, very lightweight materials, a 3-meter cable so you don’t have to sit next to your gaming system, and an affordable price point of only $59.99 US/CA. With a few HQ edits and a couple minor updates, the EROS could potentially own the $60 segment.


  • Good quality audio (no noise)
  • Easy plug and play connectivity
  • 40mm driver that brings the action
  • Very lightweight compared to comparable headsets
  • Nicely braided 3.0 meter long cord
  • Good microphone sensitivity


  • Stated features weren’t there
  • Inline control doesn’t indicate functionality

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

Futurelooks Recommended Award - GAMDIAS EROS Surround Sound Gaming Headset

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