I never really liked the whole laptop “thing” because I wanted more control over how my PC is configured. Laptops just do not offer a lot of flexibility, upgradeability, or future-proofing; however, G.Skill will be offering a way to do just that with the new Ripjaws series DDR3 SO-DIMM memory kits.

The new Ripjaws DDR3 will be available in a number of options as we have come to expect from G.Skill. The entire Ripjaws SO-DIMM line will be 1.35V and start with a single 4 GB module at 1600 MHz CL9 and go up to a 16 GB kit (dual 8 GB modules) at 1866 MHz CL10. This could be a quick easy upgrade to your gaming laptop or a way to breath new life into an older laptop. It’s very similar to what Kingston has done with their HyperX PnP memory kits that we reviewed a while ago. They really do give a substantial performance boost to mobile systems with integrated graphics.

You would be amazed at how a simple memory upgrade can change the characteristics of a laptop. If I buy a new laptop or tablet, quality memory like the G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 SO-DIMM will be the first accessory I reach for. They are available right now starting as low as $34.99US. Now go and extend the life of (or increase the performance of) your laptop right now.

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G.SKILL Announces Ripjaws Series High Performance DDR3 SO-DIMM Memory

– Up to DDR3 1866 MHz 16 GB (8GB x 2) high performance kit with ultra low 1.35V voltage –

19th August, 2013 – G.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the leading high performance memory designer and manufacturer, adds a brand new DDR3 SO-DIMM Series to its product line, named “G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 SO-DIMM Memory”.

First-Class Quality

Besides using only highly selected components, every G.SKILL Ripjaws SO-DIMM memory kit is 100% validated with G.SKILL rigorous burn-in tests. It ensures every Ripjaws SO-DIMM kit delivers perfect stability, performance, and quality for your notebook and PC.

1.35V Low Voltage

Requiring only 1.35V, the G.SKILL low voltage SO-DIMM memory kit consumes less power and generates less heat than typical SO-DIMM. It is the perfect memory solution to extend your laptop’s battery life and lower operating temperature for enhanced stability.

For 3rd & 4th Gen Intel Core Processor

G.SKILL Ripjaws 1.35V SO-DIMM kits are compatible with laptops & PCs equipped with Intel 3rd & 4th Generation Intel Core processors that support 1.35V DDR3 SO-DIMM memory.

Available Specifications


For more details, please visit G.SKILL Official Site

Lifetime Warranty

All G.SKILL memory products come with a lifetime warranty and the G.SKILL technical team is always ready to provide consumers with complete technical support via online forums, telephone and email.


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